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Higiriyaki - A Sweet Local Treat From Matsuyama, Ehime

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Higiriyaki is a local sweet made at the Sawai Honpo shop in Matsuyama, Ehime. Higiri-chaya Okaido Branch has a large menu of original dishes that cater to many customers. Let us show you a part of the menu along with the charms of the area!

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Higiriyaki: A Traditional Treat Loved by Locals

Higiriyaki: A Traditional Treat Loved by Locals

Higiriyaki is a sweet Japanese snack that is made from a flour batter like a pancake, and filled with a rich azuki-an red bean paste. Sawai Honpo located in Matsuyama city in Ehime is where higiriyaki is made and sold. It is the staple treat of the people of Matsuyama.

Higiriyaki was first sold at the temple grounds of Higiri Zenjoji Temple nearly one hundred years ago in Matsuyama. The name derives from the Higiri Jizo God that is worshiped at the temple. It has been loved by the people of the city ever since it first began being sold.

Freshly baked higiriyaki has a nice crispy outside with a soft cake-y inside. The taste is very simple at first, yet the rich flavors of the azuki paste make this snack irresistible.

The secret to its delicious taste comes from the carefully selected ingredients. Out of the numerous types of flour available, they have found the one that best suits the higiriyaki. The egg used in the batter is from a local farm in Ehime. According to the temperature and humidity of the day, the batter is adjusted to keep the same consistency.

The azuki and white bean pastes are made in-house and have a special way of cooking it. If you want to try a freshly made higiriyaki, the only place to eat it is in Matsuyama! In this article, we would like to introduce one of the best higiriyaki shops.

Higiriyaki to Eat-in and Take-out


Hop on the tram bound for Dogo Onsen from JR Matsuyama Station and get off at Ookaido Station. Take a five minute walk down the Ookaido Shopping Street until you find a Seven Eleven at the first intersection.

Across the street from the Seven Eleven is the Higiri-chaya Ookaido Branch. The large eye-catching text in red reads 'higiriyaki'.


The entrance to the shop is shown in the photo above with the green noren entrance curtains.

At this shop, you can take away the sweets or eat in the shop as well. If you want take away, there are samples in the showcase so it may be best to check the different varieties before selecting what you want.

Why not pick up some higiriyaki and eat as you go or take a break and enjoy it in a relaxing indoor cafe?


The shop's interior is done in a classic Japanese style using matcha green colors and warm brown wood tones.

Watch How Higiriyaki is Made!

At the Ookaido branch, you can watch and take photos while the higiriyaki is being made up close. Here is a simple explanation of how they are made.

1. Pour Batter into the Mold


Using a special machine, the batter gets poured into the higiriyaki mold. The higiriyaki molds are split in half and the batter gets poured into both.

2. Put Red Bean Paste in the Batter


Once the crust begins to bake, another special machine places the red bean on one side of the batter.

3. Sandwich the Red Bean Paste


The side without the red bean paste is used to enclose the sweetness of the red bean while keeping the fluffiness of the delicate crust.

4. Add the Stamp and It's Done!


As the final touch, the higiriyaki stamp is added and it is complete! The standard Azuki-an red bean flavor is 90 yen with tax a piece.

A Reasonably Priced Snack with Many Variations


The Ookaido branch is a perfect place to stop by for visitors looking for a snack. It has many types of higiriyaki along with drinks such as matcha green tea smoothies, and matcha green tea parfaits. There are also daily special flavors for higiriyaki and other dishes that cannot be found at other branches.

The classic types are the azuki red bean paste, shiro-an white bean paste, and cream filled higiriyaki, all of which cost 90 yen a piece. There is also the cream cheese filling for 150 yen. Seasonal products are also 150 yen as well. Isn't it great to be able to try some awesome local foods for such a reasonable price?

During the summer there are cold higiriyaki, and in the winter, you can try them warm. At the Ookaido branch, they arrange their items according to the season.


If you wish to eat in, there is a higiriyaki matcha green tea set (390 yen with tax) that comes with one higiriyaki and a cup of matcha green tea. The matcha is very light and harmonizes perfectly with the sweet flavor of the higiriyaki.

Watch and Enjoy! Taste and Enjoy!

While touring around, you can take a break by eating at the shop or for those on the go, it may be nice to stop by to take some away and eat it by the scenic Matsuyama Castle. Higiriyaki is a great snack to eat at any occasion!

Why not enjoy a local treat while visiting Japan?

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