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Taste Seasonal Japanese Ice Creams At Japanese Ice Ouca In Ebisu!

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Japanese Ice Ouca is serving ever-popular items like matcha or milk flavored ice cream and seasonal limited items. You can enjoy Japanese ice cream without getting tired of their flavors no matter how many times you visit.


Using selected ingredients from across Japan, Japanese Ice Ouca is serving special ice creams for each season. You will never tire of their Japanese ice cream as they have a different menu depending on the season.

Try Their Ice Cream Made With Seasonal Japanese Ingredients!


The exterior of the shop features a tiled roof and a small noren curtain that reminds its visitors of shops in old Japan. It is easy to access, just a 2-minute walk from the west exit of JR Ebisu Station.

A Variety of Flavors from Ever Popular to Seasonal


The ice cream showcase welcomes you at the entrance. You can order ice cream on the left side.


You can choose three kinds of flavors you like from the showcase. It is very fun to choose a flavor as there are year round flavors such as matcha and milk and limited seasonal flavors like watermelon and peach in summer, and pumpkin and apple in fall. The menu is written in English too.


The ice creams come in four sizes. Komori, or small size (400 yen with tax) is good for a snack, and namimori, or medium size (460 yen with tax) is the best recommendation for those who want fill themselves with ice cream.

Oomori, or big size (720 yen with tax) is for two people wishing to share together, and tokumori, or family size (1280 yen with tax), equivalent to three portions of small size, is fun to eat with several people. You can choose four kinds of flavors for big size and family size.

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