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Matcha Served in an Ink Bottle? Visit Matcha Republic in Uji, Kyoto

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MATCHA REPUBLIC is a drink stand that exclusively serves green tea in Uji, Kyoto. Sip matcha served in a stylish ink bottle and sample other unique green tea beverages.

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MATCHA REPUBLIC: A Stylish Matcha Stand in the Green Tea City

The city of Uji in Kyoto is a renowned producer of tea. In addition to tea stands and cafes, many restaurants use green tea as an ingredient for dishes like green tea soba.

In this article, we will feature MATCHA REPUBLIC, a popular drink store serving a variety of matcha beverages.

*Menu and prices are from 2018. For the latest information, please check the official website (Japanese).

A New Landmark in Uji

Matcha Republic

MATCHA REPUBLIC is a stylish store with a glass front exterior.

When approaching the storefront, you won't find any products advertised outside or staff attracting customers. But step inside,  and you'll be greeted by a matcha stand offering a variety of unique beverages.

Matcha in an Ink Bottle?

Matcha Republic Ink Series

The most popular item at MATCHA REPUBLIC is their Matcha Ink series. Sold in glass containers resembling ink bottles, this product is a joy to see and taste.

This eye-catching drink helped propel MATCHA REPUBLIC to fame.

Popular Drink of MATCHA REPUBLIC

Matcha Ink comes in three flavors: matcha latte (500 yen after tax), pure matcha (450 yen after tax), and matcha zenzai (*) (600 yen after tax).

Matcha Ink Bottle

The matcha latte has a rich flavor with a hint of sweetness. With barely any bitterness, this pure matcha blend has a subtlely sweet and refreshing aftertaste. It's a great drink to savor the natural flavor of matcha.

The matcha zenzai is a combination of the matcha latte and red beans from Hokkaido.


The menu is available in Japanese and English.


The clear to-go packaging is also practical and stylish.


*Zenzai is a traditional dessert made from red beans.

A Fun Variety of Matcha Drinks

Popular Matcha Ink Bottle

There are plenty of unique beverages at MATCHA REPUBLIC.

These matcha-based drinks include everything from matcha sodas to seasonal, fruit-flavored green tea.

Juicy Peach and Matcha Tea

The peach matcha is only available during the summer. This green tea and sweet Japanese peach blend is packed with flavor!

The summer menu consists mostly of cold drinks, while warm drinks appear in the winter. You can look forward to tasting a selection of seasonal drinks year-round!

Purchase Gifts and Souvenirs for Tea Lovers

Tea Bowl for Japanese Matcha

MATCHA REPUBLIC sells an array of tea bowls and to go drink packs that make perfect souvenirs.

Popular Matcha Drink Souvenirs

The matcha latte, pure matcha, and peach matcha are all sold in powdered form. Just add water to recreate these tasty beverages at home!

MATCHA REPUBLIC: A New Way to Enjoy Matcha

Matcha Specialty Tea Shop

With their unique drinks and stylish products, MATCHA REPUBLIC is popular among locals and visitors alike. The next time you're in Kyoto, make sure to stop by for an entirely new way to experience matcha.

*This article is a translation of the original article published on November 1, 2018.

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