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5 Must-Try Sweet Souvenirs From Kyoto - Matcha Chocolate And Traditional Treats

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Looking for souvenirs and traditional wagashi sweets in Kyoto? This guide suggests five tasty, must-try sweets curated by a local. From matcha-flavored chocolate to melt-in-your-mouth cookies, these unique and delicious desserts are ideal for treating yourself and sharing with friends and family.

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Recommended Sweets from Kyoto - Find Delicious Souvenirs and Gifts

Kyoto is known for its delicious wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) and matcha green tea-infused delicacies. With such a large selection, it can be challenging to decide what to purchase. This article introduces five irresistibly tasty desserts and snacks to take home as souvenirs, curated by a Kyoto local.

Read to learn about all types of treats, from traditional confections at historical shops to sweets from famous Japanese tea brands.

1. Ajyari Mochi from Ajyarimochi Hompo Mangetsu

ajyari mochi

Ajyari mochi made by Ajyarimochi Hompo Mangetsu was first sold in 1856, and has been a beloved treat of locals ever since. The chewy dough on the outside and the homemade anko (read bean paste) in the center is a delicious pairing. Ajyari mochi is a popular treat that many people buy when they go to Kyoto.

kyoto desserts for souvenirs

Ajyari mochi contains high-quality azuki red bean and eggs. The sweets have a shelf life of five days, so it is advised to finish them quickly. If you eat it on the day you buy it, you can savor the chewy texture of the dough coating the anko bean paste.

This treat is available to purchase at multiple locations in Kyoto, such as the Takashimaya Kyoto Branch, Daimaru Kyoto Branch, or inside Kyoto Station near the Shinkansen entrance. You can also buy Ajyari mochi individually, to enjoy as a snack while touring around Kyoto.

Product Pictured Above:
Ajyari mochi (box of ten)
Price: 1,296 yen with tax

2. Cha no Ka Langue de Chat from Malebranche

cha no ka

Kyoto is a well-known area as a producer of green tea. As a result, there are many tea and matcha (powdered green tea) products sold at souvenir shops. One recommendation is the Cha no Ka langue de chat cookie from Malebranche.

malebranch langue de chat cookie

Kyoto's Uji region is known for its matcha (other famous matcha areas include Shizuoka Prefecture and Sayama in Saitama Prefecture). High-grade Uji matcha, which lacks a bitter aftertaste, is blended into the cookie dough for the langue de chat cookies. Every bite of this luxurious treat lets you enjoy rich, fragrant flavors of the matcha. The gentle sweetness from the white chocolate sandwiched blends deliciously with the green tea.

The packaging is adorable, making it a lovely gift for friends and family. There are several shops in Kyoto. The Male Branche Kyoto Tower Sand Branch on the first floor of Kyoto Tower in front of Kyoto Station is convenient for those riding the Shinkansen.

Product Pictured Above:
Cha no Ka (box of 3 cookies)
Price: 450 yen with tax

3. Nama Cha no Ka Chocolate Fondant from Malebranche

nama cha no ka

Nama Cha no Ka is a chocolate fondant (molten chocolate cake) baked by Malebranche. Like the Cha no Ka, it uses high-quality Uji matcha leaves. This treat allows customers to savor the bold taste and mellow sweetness of green tea while enjoying velvety-smooth chocolate.

nama no cha no ka

The flavor becomes even more delicious if the Nama Cha no Ka is chilled in the refrigerator. You can purchase the Nama Cha no Ka at the Malebranche Kyoto Tower Sand Branch on the first floor of Kyoto Tower.

Product Pictured Above:
Nama Cha no Ka (box of 3)
Price: 750 yen with tax

4. Chocolate Cookies from Lindenbaum

lindenbaum chocolate cookies in kyoto

The chocolate cookie by Lindenbaum is unlike any other cookie you've tried before. These are very popular among young Kyotoites.

lindenbaum chocolate cookies in kyoto

These chocolate-chunk filled cookies are almost like a soft brownie. With every bite, you will taste a rich chocolate flavor that will keep you craving more. These cookies are neither too sweet nor too bitter and are great for people of all ages.

The Lindenbaum shop is on Gokomachi-dori street, a block west of the Teramachi Shotengai shopping district. Be sure to stop by while exploring Kyoto.

Product Pictured Above:
Chocolate cookie
Price: 680 yen with tax

5. Nama Chocolate Matcha Ganache from Nakamura Tokichi

nama chocolate matcha cookie

The Nama Chocolate is a matcha and chocolate ganache treat made at Nakamura Tokichi, a historical tea shop that has been in operation since 1858 in Kyoto. These delectable sweets are made with a balance of matcha and heavy cream to draw out the flavor of the tea.

nama chocolate matcha cookie

Take a bite to savor the smooth chocolate, the rich cream, and the flavorful matcha. The aftertaste is light, so you can eat as many as you want.

These treats are sold in Kyoto Station, and there are also two shops by Uji Station.

Product Pictured Above:
Nama Chocolate (matcha flavor)
Price: 1,296 yen with tax

Kyoto Sweets For Yourself, Your Friends, and Family

matcha sweets and souvenirs from kyoto

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All the products introduced in this article will satisfy sweet tooths of all and come in adorable packaging that adds a thoughtful finishing touch. Why not buy yourself a treat along with some souvenirs for friends and family?

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