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Ikumo - Stay At A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds In Ishikawa

Ikumo - Stay At A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds In Ishikawa

Written by Jasmine O

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Ikumo is a mountaintop lodging in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, where guests can experience the great outdoors in Japan and simple living. From spectacular sunrises to farm-fresh food and cultural practices, this is a special stay with the opportunity to admire nature, relax, and self-reflect.

Ikumo - A Mountaintop Inn in Remote Ishikawa


Perched on the top of Mt. Engyo in Ishikawa Prefecture, Ikumo is a lodging surrounding by nothing but forest and sky. From the lush, serene nature to the exquisite food and traditional practices that guests can experience, this is an extraordinary stay.

Continue reading this article to learn about Ikumo and five reasons to stay at this one-of-a-kind inn.

A Leisurely Time at Ikumo


Ikumo is a unique lodging where guests can relax, destress, and reflect inwards. Located up a mountain trail and accessible only via car, the ruralness and outdoor beauty ensures visitors can enjoy an especially tranquil environment.

In addition to the quiet, scenic surroundings, the mountainous area Ikumo is on used to be used by monks for spiritual training. It continues to be revered today, connected with nearby Natadera Temple. Guests can enjoy also try activities like sutra copying, yoga, and meditation.

English is understood at Ikumo as well, making it a lodging friendly to all travelers.

For further information, access, and making reservations, please see the official website.

Ikumo Official Website:

1. Have an Eco-Friendly Stay


Solar panels at Ikumo
With limited ways to get power and resources to the remote lodging, Ikumo strives to use self-sufficient sources of energy. Electricity comes from solar energy, and recycled rainwater is also utilized.

During your stay, the baths can only be used during certain times of the day, and electricity use is limited at times (you can't plug in many electronics at one time). You will be more conscious of your energy usage and more able to focus on the present--many guests enjoy reading, the magnificent nature outdoors, and yoga or meditation.

2. Savor Farm-to-table Cooking

A Peaceful Stay At Ikumo - Experience A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds

Ikumo offers excellent Japanese dinners and breakfast, using local ingredients like mountain vegetables, tofu and beans, as well as regional fish and meat-based dishes. Cuisine varies by season and ingredients available at the time. Vegetarian and vegan meals can also be accommodated when requested. Be sure to specify any dietary needs or allergies when making a reservation.


For dinner, kaiseki ryori, a multi-course Japanese meal, is highly recommended. The dish above is eggplant dengaku (seared eggplant with miso glaze), one of the vegan options.

A Peaceful Stay At Ikumo - Experience A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds

Breakfast is a typical Japanese meal, with a protein (fish or tofu), side of salad, and rice or bread on the side. Granola and yogurt are also available, as is coffee or tea. The sunlight in the early morning in the breakfast room will gently leak in as you eat, helping you wake up gradually.

3. Try Japanese Sutra Transcription and Fire Rituals


Sutra copying upstairs at Ikumo
With historic ties to Mt. Hakusan, a spiritually-regarded mountain in Ishikawa Prefecture, and Natadera Temple, a nearby Buddhist temple with beauty praised by poet Matsuo Basho, Ikumo is remains close its natural and spiritual neighbors. Practices like sutra copying and fire ceremonies are available for guests to experience.


The space where fire rituals are held
Both activities occur in the upstairs tatami rooms, which overlook the mountains. Fire ceremonies like the ones at Ikumo are rarely open to the public eye. A stay at Ikumo is a great opportunity to preview this special custom.

4. Relax in Western and Japanese-style Rooms

A Peaceful Stay At Ikumo - Experience A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds

Rooms with futon and beds are available. Pictured above is a western-style room with a bed. The rooms are modest but comfortable, containing everything needed for rest. Closets contain towels, a change into yukata or samue (a traditional garment similar to a yukata, but with pants), and hangers.


You will also get a pair of Ikumo tabi socks to use at the inn and take home.

5. Enjoy a Spectacular Sunrise Above the Clouds

A Peaceful Stay At Ikumo - Experience A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds

Plan to wake up early, for you can catch one of the best sunrises you've ever seen. Unkai, or what appears to be a sea of clouds just below the summit Ikumo is on, can sometimes be seen depending on the weather conditions. You can go outside or see the sunrise from the second floor balcony.

A Peaceful Stay At Ikumo - Experience A One-of-a-Kind Lodging Above The Clouds

The combination of the warm sunrise colors and fluffy, low-hanging clouds over the eastern mountains is unbelievable.

Taking in the sunset is also a must-do experience, as is gazing at the starry night sky from the outdoor bath. On a clear evening, guests can see the sun setting over the Sea of Japan, and the sparkling stars and gentle city lights of Kanazawa at night. The views are gorgeous and humbling.

Make Your Trip Special at Ikumo

With just the right amount of amenities and nothing extra, Ikumo allows guests to comfortably focus on the present and on themselves. From the surrounding mountains and trees, enormous sky, and delicious food, this is an unforgettable stay that will be a highlight of any trip to Japan. It is a great lodging to choose when traveling around Ishikawa Prefecture.

Before or after staying at Ikumo, be sure to explore the surrounding areas, like Komatsu and Kaga Onsen. Close by is Natadera Temple, a town with a moss village, workshops where you can throw pottery, and soothing hot springs.


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