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Yamorido - Kyoto Craft Beer Inside A Traditional Teahouse


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Yamorido is a craft beer brewery and restaurant built in a renovated machiya in Kyoto's Fushimi area. The unique brews infused with tea and Japanese ingredients, as well as the beverages and the food here are traditional, refreshing, and delicious. Enjoy a memorable craft beer experience in Kyoto.

Drink Traditional and New Craft Beer in Fushimi, Kyoto

yamorido kyoto craft beer

Thirsty for local beer in Kyoto? A visit to Yamorido, a one-of-a-kind brewery and restaurant, will satisfy your thirst for excellent craft brews. Built inside a renovated machiya (a traditional teahouse), Yamorido opened in June 2019 and honors the past by infusing classic Japanese elements into its beverages and by selling the same high-quality tea previously handled at the machiya.

Yamorido offers a unique experience of both old and new with its creative drinks and food. There are English-speaking employees, and an English menu is available, so stop by in the evening or any time of day for a special time.

Yamorido Offers A Teahouse Experience in a Pub

yasumoto chaho

As mentioned above, Yamorido is located inside a renovated machiya. The current owner bought the building that used to belong to the Yasumoto family, prominent in the Kyoto tea business since the beginning of the Meiji period (1868 - 1912).

Customers can enjoy a traditional teahouse environment while they savor beer and food infused with the same high-quality tea leaves used by the famous Yasumotos. There is also a corner on the first floor with a selection of high-quality Yasumoto Chaho teas that you can purchase to take home.

Say Cheers to Kyoto with Craft Beer Brewed Local

yamorido fushimi

Known under the name Yamori Shuzo ("shuzo" in Japanese refers to brewing), the craft beer at Yamorido is made in the brewery inside the restaurant. Around five different varieties of in-house beer are available on tap. All have playful names, like Ushigoroshi, inspired by wrestling, due to one of the brewer's interest in the sport. The selection changes by season and what the brewers make, so every visit is exciting.

Approximately four more varieties of beers from breweries in other parts of Japan are also available. During our visit, there were selections from other brewers in Kyoto, Tamba Sayama in Hyogo Prefecture, and Nara Prefecture.


One of the most popular beers at Yamori Shuzo is the Chakabuki, a Japanese Saison beer blended with tea leaves and yuzu. The tea used belongs to the machiya where the restaurant is located in, in fact. Chakabuki is refreshing and a very fragrant, with a hint of green tea and citrus from the yuzu. The 200ml size pictured above costs 480 yen.


Ordering a taster is highly recommended, as there are many interesting varieties to enjoy. Pick this to try four 120ml-size samples (1,250 yen). Please note that the beer selections vary according to season and what is in-stock.

yamorido craft beer

From left to right: Dragon Horse, Ushigoroshi, GBF 8th, and Black Saison (a prototype).
An array of richly flavored beer of all colors awaits those who order the taster. Dragon Horse, an English barleywine infused with tea, has the highest alcohol content of the set, with 11%. It has a full-bodied taste, suited for experienced craft beer-drinkers. Ushigoroshi, named after a famous wrestling move, is an American IPA with a crisp, hoppy flavor and citrus undertones. GBF 8th is a special Belgian Session IPA, made for the eighth anniversary of Good Beer Faucets, a Shibuya beer bar owned by the same company as Yamorido. It is infused with tea, and has some bittnerness. Black Saison has roasted, smokey notes, reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. It tastes like a porter, a dark style of beer.

With so much variety, it is hard to enjoy everything in one visit. You can take the tasty brews home with you, as Yamorido also sells bottled beer to-go for customers who want to enjoy their beverage on a later date (since no preservatives are used, be sure to drink the beer within a few days for the best taste).

Great for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Too


The first floor dining area has a view of a small garden.
Yamorido has an extensive menu of food, offering meals throughout the day, as well as snacks, desserts, and an array of beverages. For example, lunch meal sets of traditional Japanese fare come with a drink of your choice (beer is available, too). During the evening, diners can enjoy izakaya-style items like tsukemono (pickles), grilled fish, pork, and a variety of vegetable dishes.

In addition to bar seats and a standing area, there are table seats on both floors of the restaurant, allowing customers to enjoy a sit-down meal with family and friends. Beer is available whenever Yamorido is open, so you can even sip on a brew in the morning if you'd like.


Behind the tables on the second floor is a mural containing the machiya's original floor tiles, which the Yamorido symbol on the glasses and bottles is inspired from. This consideration to the old teahouse is also found in the architecture, as beams and small details throughout the building are carefully preserved.

yamorido brewery

Diners at the second-level counter can view into the brewing room from the second floor, seeing where their beverages are made directly.

Getting to Yamorido


Yamorido is located in Fushimi, a Kyoto neighborhood famous for its sake distilleries. The brewery stands out as one of the few places where you can enjoy beer, and the elegant atmosphere of the townhouse building makes it easy to spot.


Follow the signs on the side of Yamorido to the main entrance.

The brewery is convenient to get to from Kyoto Station and other major areas. It is a short walk from either Keihan Chushoijma Station or Kintetsu Momoyamagoryomae Station. You will find Yamorido along Ryoma-dori, a picturesque, traditional street named after the famous samurai.

Sip on Craft Beer in the Ancient Capital


Yamorido continually strives to create innovative brews while keeping with traditions. Using high-quality, Japanese ingredients and adding only the essential materials needed to brew delicious, satisfying beer. Stop by for a glass or two of craft beer and stay to enjoy the classic Kyoto atmosphere.


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