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Japanese Festivals and Fireworks Displays in 2023

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Festivals and fireworks displays are quintessential to Japanese summers, with most of these beloved festivities returning in 2023. This article lists the schedule of various events held across Japan in the summer and autumn of 2023.

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Festivals and Fireworks Displays Scheduled for 2023

Festivals and Fireworks Displays Scheduled for 2023

While many festivals and fireworks displays were canceled due to COVID-19 over the last few years, 2023 will welcome back many festivities nationwide.

This article introduces festivities scheduled to be held this year.

Japanese Festivals and Fireworks in 2023

1. Festivals and Traditional Events
2. Fireworks Displays in 2023
3. Acces and Tips to Enjoy Japan's Summer Traditions

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Festivals and Traditional Events in 2023

Japanese Festivals and Fireworks Displays Scheduled in 2023

As of May 2023, most festivals from May to August are scheduled to be held.

Region/Festival Annual Schedule 2023 Schedule
Tokyo/Sanja Festival Mid-May May 19 - 21
Kyoto/Aoi Festival May 15 May 15
Kyoto/Gion Festival July 1 - 31 July 1 - 31
Fukuoka/Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival July 1 - 15 July 1 - 15
Osaka/Tenjin Festival July 24 - 25 July 24 - 25
Aomori/Nebuta Festival August 2 - 7 August 2 - 7
Akita/Kanto Festival August 3 - 6 August 3 - 6
Miyagi/Sendai Tanabata Festival August 3 - 8 August 3 - 8
Kochi/Yosakoi Festival August 9 - 12 August 9 - 12
Tokushima/Awa Odori August 12 - 15 August 12 - 15
Nagasaki/Nagasaki Kunchi Festival October 7 - 9 October 7 - 9
Gifu/Takayama Festival (Autumn) October 9 - 10 TBA
Saitama/Chichibu Night Festival December 1 - 6 TBA

The last two events may be canceled or postponed depending on future circumstances. Please be sure to check their official websites.

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Firework Festivals in 2023

Japanese Festivals and Fireworks Displays Scheduled in 2023

Nagahama Kita-Biwako Great Fireworks Festival

Fireworks displays are held annually from June to August. Most of the events will be held in 2023.

Region/Fireworks Display Annual Schedule 2023 Schedule
Tokyo: Edogawa Fireworks Festival Early May August 5
Tokyo: Sumida River Fireworks Festival End of July July 29
Tokyo: Katsushika Fireworks Festival End of July July 25
Tokyo: Adachi Fireworks Festival End of July July 22
Osaka: Tenjin Festival Fireworks Display End of July July 25
Saitama: Kumagaya Fireworks Display Early August August 12
Osaka: Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival Early August August 5
Niigata: Nagaoka Fireworks Early August August 2 - 3
Shiga: Nagahama Kita-Biwako Great Fireworks Festival Early August TBA
Hyogo: Minato Hanabi Festival Early August October 16 - 20
Chiba: Kisarazu Port Festival Fireworks Display August 15 August 15
Kyoto: Miyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks Display Mid August August 16
Akita: All Japan Fireworks Competition Last Saturday in August August 26
Ibaraki: Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition November 7 November 4

Access and Tips to Enjoy Japan's Summer Traditions

Japanese Festivals and Fireworks Displays Scheduled in 2023

Festivals and fireworks are a signature staple of summer in Japan. Most of the annual festivities nationwide are scheduled to be held in 2023.

Kyoto's Gion Festival, Osaka's Tenjin Festival, and Tokyo's Kanda Festival, all with a long history, are hailed as the three major festivals in Japan. The Awa Odori Festival in Tokushima, where participants will be dancing all night, and the National Fireworks Competition in Akita, a prefecture renowned for pyrotechnics, will also be welcoming spectators.

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Recommended destinations and seasonal events are listed on the MATCHA website as well. Use this article as a guide when planning a tour of Japan during the summer months. The festivities mentioned above should make a wonderful memory.

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