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7 Amazing Firework Festivals Near Osaka And Kyoto in 2023

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Learn about major firework festivals in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and the rest of the Kansai region in 2023. Find out details, and access information for seven iconic firework displays and enjoy the Japanese summer with traditional celebrations.

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Firework Displays Near Osaka And Kyoto

Firework displays, also known as hanabi, come to mind when people in Japan think of summer. Even though there is an immeasurable number of fireworks displays held throughout the year all over Japan, you can find the highest density of them in summer.

Firework festivals are common in Japan, but they are mesmerizing no matter how many times them, due to the different scales and themes. This article covers the largest, most popular ones in the Kansai region, in areas like Osaka and Kyoto.

*The information mentioned in this article such as event dates and times is subject to change. Please check the official websites before visiting these events.

*Travel times to the venues from the nearest station are the average travel times. On the day of the event, the roads will probably be congested so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to travel to and from the venue.

1. Tenjin Matsuri Festival Fireworks Display in Osaka

Tenjin matsuri

Picture courtesy of Pixta

The Tenjin Matsuri Festival Dedication Fireworks Display adorns the night sky on the final day of the Tenjin Festival, which is one of Japan’s top three festivals alongside the Kanda Festival in Tokyo and the Gion Festival in Kyoto.

We recommend enjoying the Tenjin Festival itself before the fireworks. It is held in an area that is easily accessible from Osaka Station. 1,300,000 people visit from all across Japan every year. There are all sorts of ways to enjoy this festival such as admiring the scenery while on a boat or walking around while enjoying food from one of the food stalls.

Fireworks spelling out the names of businesses supporting the festival are very popular at the Tenjin Matsuri.

Tenjin Matsuri Festival 2023: Fireworks Schedule

Venue: Near Kema Sakuranomiya Park Google Map
Access: 5 minutes on the JR Loop Line (bound for Kyobashi) from Osaka Station to Sakuranomiya Station (120 yen) and a 5-minute walk from Sakuranomiya Station
Date: July 25, 2023
Time: 19:30 - 20:50 (2019)
Official Website: (Japanese)

2. Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival, Osaka

Naniwa Yodogawa fireworks

Picture courtesy of Pixta
The Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival is one of the most representative fireworks displays of Osaka alongside the Tenjin Matsuri Festival Fireworks Display. It is held along the riverbed of the Yodo River, which flows through central Osaka and attracts thousands of people each year.

The fireworks sent into the air from the water are widespread and very impressive. The climax makes the sky as bright as day with the brilliance of the fireworks being shot up in the air one after another.

Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 2023

Venue: Osaka, Yodogawa, Shinkitano, Yodo Riverbed Google Map
Access: 30-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, a 15-minute walk from Hankyu Juso Station, and JR Tsukamoto Station
Date: August 5, 2023
Time: starts at 19:30
Official Website: (Japanese)

3. Miyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks Display, Kyoto

Kyoto fireworks

Picture courtesy of Pixta
Miyazu City, situated in northern Kyoto, is famous for Amanohashidate, one of the "Three Sights of Japan", which refers to exceptionally beautiful sights within Japan.

The Miyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks Display is an especially popular summer event in Kyoto. Various multi-colored fireworks are launched into the air and reflect beautifully in the water.

Kyoto fireworks

Picture courtesy of Pixta
Toro nagashi is a magical spectacle of more than 10,000 lanterns floating across the water with offerings and decorations for one's ancestors. On the day itself, toro nagashi will be held from 19:00 followed by the fireworks at 19:30.

It may be best to stay at a nearby hotel for the night and sightsee Amanohashidate the next day as the venue is not close to Kyoto Station.

Miyazu Toro Nagashi Fireworks Display 2023

Event Date: August 16, 2023
Venue: Near Shimasaki Park Google Map
Access: Approximately 2 hours by Hashidate Limited Express from Kyoto Station to Miyazu Station (2,190 yen) or by bus (around 2,600 yen)
Access from the nearest station: 10-minute walk from Miyazu Station
Time: Around 19:30 - 20:30

4. Minato Kobe Marine Fireworks Festival, Kobe

Kobe fireworks

Picture courtesy of Pixta
This is the beautiful night scenery of the port city of Kobe. It has even been evaluated as a “million-dollar night view." Approximately 10,000 fireworks decorate the sky at the Minato Kobe Marine Fireworks Festival

Enjoy the colorful night scenery introduced by the fireworks while smelling the salty sea breeze. The easy accessibility from Motomachi, the town center of Kobe, and Sannomiya is another appeal of the event.

Minato Kobe Marine Fireworks Festival 2023

Event Date: October 16 - 20, 2023
Venue: Port of Kobe (above the water on the south side of the new port breakwater) Google Map
Access: 15-minute walk from Motomachi Station or a 20-minute walk from Sannomiya Station
Time: Around 19:30 - 20:30 (2019)
Official Website: (Japanese)

5. Nagahama Kita-Biwako Fireworks Festival, Shiga


Picture courtesy of Pixta
The Nagahama Kita-Biwako Fireworks Festival is a firework display held in Nagahama, Shiga.

During the event, the firework display will be reflected on the surface of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, as the beautiful scenery spreads right before your eyes.

Make sure to visit this event after you have confirmed the train timetable and other information on how to get back to your hotel beforehand as the train will most likely be very full.

Nagahama Kita-Biwako Fireworks Festival 2023

Event Date: September 5 - 8, 2023
Venue: The area of Nagahama Port Google Map
Access: Approximately 70 minutes on the JR Special Rapid Service bound for Nagahama from JR Kyoto Station to Nagahama Station (1,320 yen). Around 1 hour and 40 minutes on the JR Special Rapid Service from JR Osaka Station to Nagahama Station (1,940 yen).
Access from the nearest station: 10-minute walk from Nagahama Station
Time: 20:30 - 20:50

6. Hikone Fireworks Festival, Shiga

The Hikone Fireworks Festival held in Hikone in Shiga is similar to the Nagahama Kita-Biwako Fireworks Festival as it is also held with Lake Biwa at its center.

During this festival, you can watch fireworks launch into the air above Hikone Castle which is known as one of Japan's great national treasures.

The night sky decorated with colorful fireworks reflected on the surface of Lake Biwa is a mystical sight.

As a word of caution, the walk from Hikone Station to the venue will take approximately 40 minutes. If you’ll be traveling from Osaka or Kyoto, we recommend making your way home quickly as the final train will leave at around 23:00.

Hikone Fireworks Festival 2023

Event Date: to be announced
Venue: Lake Biwa Matsubara swimming area Google Map
Access: Approximately 50 minutes on the JR Special Rapid Service bound for Nagahama from JR Kyoto Station to Hikone Station (1,140 yen). Around 80 minutes on the JR Special Rapid Service bound for Nagahama from JR Osaka Station to Hikone Station (1,940 yen).
Access from the nearest station: 40-minute walk from Hikone Station
Time: 19:30 - 20:30

7. Yoshinogawa Festival Noryo Fireworks Display, Nara

The Yoshinogawa Festival Noryo Fireworks Display is a firework display held in Nara. Nara is filled with many noteworthy places such as Horyuji Temple and large Buddha statues.

At this event, you can enjoy an artistic firework display accompanied by music and laser beams. There are also plenty of food stalls at the festival, so please enjoy the fireworks display to your heart’s content while eating delicious food.

We recommend traveling to the festival from Nara Station. The last train from Osaka and Kyoto will leave early and includes having to transfer trains. It takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes from the JR Nara Station to the JR Gojo Station in Kyoto.

Yoshinogawa Festival Noryo Fireworks Display 2023 in Nara

Event Date: August 15, 2023
Venue: Yoshinogawa riverside under Okawa Bridge Google Map
Access: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours on the train bound for Wakayama from Nara Station to Gojo Station (970 yen). *Please note that it may be necessary to transfer trains between stations.
Access from nearest station: 10-minute walk from Gojo Station
Time: 20:00 - 21:00
Official Website: (Japanese)

Enjoy Summer Nights with Fireworks in Kansai

In this article, we introduced several firework displays in the Kansai region. Fireworks are an important part of Japanese culture and the displays are carefully organized with the help of professional pyrotechnicians.

Firework displays are not only held in summer--some are held in autumn and spring. However, if you’re traveling in Japan in the summer, why not experience this season to the fullest?

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