Sanuki Manno Park: Fabulous Scenery With Seasonal Flowers and Lights

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Sanuki Manno Park is located close to famous locations in Shikoku such as Kotohira Shrine, Chichibugahama, and Iya Valley. The park offers great views throughout the year, along with the largest winter illumination event in the region. It is the ideal place to enjoy camping and outdoor activities.


Gorgeous Park Near Kotohira Shrine and Iya Valley

While there are many sightseeing destinations in western Kagawa and Tokushima such as Kotohira Shrine (Konpira-san), Iya Valley, and Chichibugahama, visitors to this area should be sure not to miss Sanuki Manno Park!

One of the major flower parks in Shikoku, Sanuki Manno Park is an ideal place to take amazing photographs or enjoy a picnic. In winter, the park hosts the largest illumination event in Shikoku.


The Sanuki mountain range viewed from the entrance to the park

Now, we'll introduce the highlights of Sanuki Manno Park.

A Photogenic Place Throughout the Year

Sanuki Manno Park attracts many visitors year-round with flowers, verdant views, and illumination events. The following is a list of flowers to enjoy in each season.

Spring: Tulips, Nemophila, and Narcissus


Tulips bloom from early to mid-April, and visitors can appreciate these flowers blooming in various colors such as red, pink, and orange.


From late April to early May, light-blue nemophila appear in the park. Narcissus and cherry blossoms are also popular attractions in spring.

Summer: Hydrangeas and Kochia


June is the season when the hydrangeas bloom. During this period, visitors can borrow Japanese umbrellas for free, so be sure to take photos using this item!


The kochia plants with their fluffy foliage bloom in summer. Don't miss the mid-August light-up event!

Autumn: Cosmos and Kochia


From mid-September to late October, white, pink, and red cosmos flowers light up the park.


In mid-October, the kochia bushes turn red, along with the autumnal foliage of maple trees.

Winter: Illuminations and Flowers Blooming in Early Spring


Although the flowers are scarce at this time of the year, Winter Fantasy, a staple illumination event, lights up the park from late November to early January.


As the park is surrounded by mountains, there is no light pollution from nearby urban areas. The vast grounds, 30,000 square meters in size, and the night sky, are truly brought to life by the illumination.


Paper-white narcissus and plum trees begin to bloom in early February. Canola flowers and Christmas roses appear in mid-March.

Other Appeals of the Park

Sanuki Manno Park is located on a hill near Manno Pond, the largest agricultural reservoir in Japan. The spacious view can be enjoyed from the promenade by the pond.


Vista of Sanuki Mountains, where visitors are surrounded by granite stone walls and the Shoryu Waterfall, designed in the image of a dragon scaling a waterfall, is also a popular area to take a walk.

Many visitors may feel like just lying down on the lawn for a nap!

Recommended Activities at Sanuki Manno Park

There are many other activities to enjoy at the park.



The autocamping site at the park is one of eight that have been awarded five stars by the Japan Autocamping Federation. Visitors can lodge in a tent, motor home, cabin, or trailer. Reservations can be made on the official website (Japanese link).

Playground Equipment


Family groups can have fun at Fluffy Dome, a large trampoline that makes visitors feel like they are walking on a cloud, or at X Slides, which has two long roller slides.



A six-kilometer cycling course runs inside the park, so hop on a rental bicycle (an additional fee is required), and enjoy the view riding through the forest and flower gardens.

A Taste of Japanese Culture


From the tea-ceremony room of Chikufuan, visitors can enjoy a view of the Japanese garden. The park also hosts tea ceremonies in this room. For an additional fee, those who are not familiar with tea ceremony can learn the fundamentals in a casual class.

Sanuki Manno Park hosts various events, so please check their official website (Japanese) for details.

Universal Design

As all the walkways are paved, it is easy to move around with strollers or wheelchairs. While numbers are limited, the park offers a free rental service for these items, so please ask about them at the information center.

Access to Sanuki Manno Park

The best way to reach Sanuki Manno Park is by rental car. The approximate travel time from nearby sightseeing destinations is as follows.

From JR Kotohira Station, located near Kotohira Shrine: 15 minutes
From JR Takamatsu Station: one hour
From Chichibugahama: 40 minutes
From the Kazura Bridge in Iya: one hour and 20 minutes

Those planning to use public transportation should take the bus from Kotohira Station. It's a thirty-minute walk from the nearest bus stop to the park. Although the park office (telephone: 0877-79-1700) offers a shuttle service, please note that it may not be available during rush hours.

Spend a Relaxing Day Among Flowers

At Sanuki Manno Park, visitors can enjoy various activities, or go on a picnic in a verdant field filled with flowers. A food court and kiosk are located in the park.

Those who are planning to tour western Kagawa and Tokushima should be sure to stop by!

Sponsored by Sanuki Manno Park
All pictures courtesy of Sanuki Manno Park

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