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The 4 Best Ways To Reach Odaiba In Tokyo - According To a Local!

The 4 Best Ways To Reach Odaiba In Tokyo - According To a Local!

Tokyo 2017.09.25

What are some of the best ways to get to Odaiba, one of Japan's most famous tourist spots? Here we'll tell you 4 different ways to access this popular location, based on advice from locals to the area.

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Written by hyojeong kim

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Odaiba is one of the major sightseeing spots in Tokyo, where there are lots of enchanting facilities such as shopping sites, hot springs, a life-sized Gundam Model (*1), and so on. Even with all these great sight-seeing spots, you might think Odaiba is a bit inconvenient, in terms of access.

We'd would like to sum up some convenient access routes to Odaiba, suggested by an author living in Odaiba!

*1: The Gundam Model in Odaiba is one of the major sightseeing spots in Odaiba. This is a reproduced robot from the TV cartoon, "Kidousenshi Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam)". This model is built to scale!

1. By Bus


The trains are the most common means of moving about in Tokyo, but to reach Odaiba you will end up transferring lines numerous times and spending a lot of money in the process. Taking the bus on the other hand, means that you can travel relatively cheaply and without transfers.

1. Odaiba Rainbow Bus and Km Flower Bus (From Shinagawa and Tamachi)

The Odaiba Rainbow Bus connects Shinagawa and Tamachi Stations to Odaiba, while the Km Flower Bus goes straight to Odaiba Seaside Park from Shinagawa and Tamachi Stations via the Rainbow Bridge. Neither of them accept Suica or IC cards however. This is the cheapest and the fastest way to reach Odaiba if you leave from either of these stations.

2. Toei Bus (From Monzen Nakacho)

This is the most frequent bus that leaves from Monzen Nakacho Station. It leaves the station every 10 minutes.

3. Toei Bus (From Oimachi and Omori Stations)

This bus leaves Oimachi and Omori Stations and uses the Metropolitan Expressway, so you may enjoy some scenery different from that of ordinary buses!

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