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Nagoya's Cherry Blossoms: 10 Scenic Spring Destinations in 2024

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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Aichi's Nagoya City from late March to early April. During this period, you can enjoy night illuminations and special events at places like Nagoya Castle. This article introduces 10 splendid cherry blossom spots in the Nagoya area.

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Feel the Arrival of Spring at Nagoya's Cherry Blossom Spots

Nagoya's Cherry Blossoms: 10 Scenic Spring Destinations in Aichi

Cherry blossoms at Higashiyama Sky Tower in Nagoya

Nagoya, a city in Aichi Prefecture, is Japan's third largest city after Tokyo and Osaka. The city is home to multiple cherry blossom spots that allow you to appreciate Japan's natural beauty.

In 2024, the cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming in Nagoya on March 25 and reach the blooming peak around April 2 (source: Weathernews).

This article introduces 10 cherry blossom spots in the Nagoya area with an emphasis on locations within the city. We'll also include sites easily accessible from Ghibli Park.

Cherry Blossom Spots in Nagoya

1. Nagoya Castle
2. Inuyama Castle
3. Peace Park
4. Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
5. Gojo River
6. Tsuruma Park
7. Arakogawa Park
8. Suigen Park
9. Shirotori Garden
10. Yamazaki River

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1. Nagoya Castle: A Famous Cherry Blossom Location

Cherry Blossoms at Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is a popular sightseeing spot in Nagoya City. The most striking feature is its gold shachihoko (*1) decorating the castle tower (tenshukaku).

The castle grounds feature 1,000 cherry trees in full bloom during the spring. This is why the castle has garnered popularity as a cherry blossom viewing spot.

The castle tower, one of Japan's largest, and the view of the pink blossoms will allow you to feel the beauty of Japan.

Generally speaking, the best time to see the blossoms is from late March to early April. Cherry blossom festivals held during this period often illuminate the cherry trees after dusk. Visitors can enjoy a magical sight that's not visible during the daytime.

*1 shachihoko: A mythical creature with the head of a tiger and the body of a fish. It's often used as a decoration on the roof of Japanese castles.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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2. Inuyama Castle: Great Views of Kisogawa River and Nearby Cherry Blossoms

Inuyama Castle

Photo by denkei / Pixta

Inuyama Castle sits atop a mountain that runs alongside the Kisogawa River. This is one of five castles designated as a national treasure of Japan.

About 400 cherry trees are in full bloom at the castle and along the banks of the Kisogawa River. The best viewing time is from late March until early April.

The corridor on the castle's top floor offers a commanding view of the Kisogawa River with beautiful, elegant blossoms down below.

The castle town surrounding Inuyama Castle is often called the Little Kyoto of Owari (present-day western Aichi Prefecture).

Here, historic buildings and streetscapes stretch out in all directions, allowing you to experience an Edo Period atmosphere. We also recommend picking up a tasty snack during your walk at one of the many shops along the way.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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3. Peace Park (Heiwa Koen): A Cherry Blossom Spot Where Locals Love to Gather

Heiwa Koen Peace Park

Photo by daysgoby_JPN / Pixta

Peace Park (Heiwa Koen) is located partway between Nagoya Station and Ghibli Park. It is one of Nagoya's top cherry blossom locations, with 1,500 cherry trees in full bloom from late March until early April.

One spot in particular is Sakura no En, offering exquisite cherry blossom views along its walking trails and open areas. You can also enjoy passing through a cherry tree "tunnel" during your hanami.

Peace Park Aqua Tower has a free observation deck and is a ten-minute walk from Sakura no En. From here, visitors are treated to an all-encompassing view of the blossoms 40 meters above the ground.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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4. Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens: Marvel at over 100 Cherry Blossom Varieties!

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Picture courtesy of Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau©

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a sightseeing spot with many highlights. The zoo houses more than 100 animal species. There's also an amusement park and botanical garden on the premises.

This popular attraction sits between Ghibli Park and Nagoya Station. During the spring, visitors can marvel at 1,000 cherry trees with 100 different cherry blossom varieties at Sakura no Kairo inside the botanical garden.

You also have a unique opportunity to see Kenroenkikuzakura, a rare species of cherry blossoms with upwards of 200 flower petals. Please check these out on your visit!

The Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens Spring Festival is a special event held from mid-March to early May, coinciding with the blossom season. It offers a complete lineup of fun activities for kids, including bingo games and stamp rallies.

Sakura no Kairo gets illuminated, allowing visitors to take in the breathtaking view of blossoms at night.

■Best viewing time: mid-March to early May
■Parking: available

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5. Gojo River: See a Spectacular Row of Cherry Trees!

Gojo River

When cherry trees bloom along the Gojo River, their branches form an arch that creates a stunning view. While strolling along the promenade on the riverbank, you can enjoy these sights at Aichi Prefecture's number one cherry blossom spot (see photo above).

This spectacular view features 1,700 cherry trees in full bloom, nestled alongside the river. This site was chosen as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

The Iwakura Cherry Blossom Festival is a popular event held annually from late March until early April. Visitors can sample delicious food and snacks from the long row of food stalls and marvel at the magical evening illumination.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: not available (some paid parking nearby)

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6. Tsuruma Park: Enjoy Cherry Blossoms by the Pond!

Tsuruma Park

Tsuruma Park has a Western-style and Japanese traditional garden. Visitors can enjoy each season's beautiful flowers and foliage at this park within Nagoya City.

The park has also been selected as one of Japan's top 100 cherry blossom spots. It offers a distinct Japanese-style cherry blossom scenery near the fountain tower and beside the pond.

The Tsuruma Park Flower Festival, held annually from late March to late May, features a variety of fun events, including an acapella concert.

The park includes a cafe and restaurant where visitors can spend some relaxing time surrounded by nature.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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7. Arakogawa Park: A Kilometer-Long Row of Cherry Trees in Full Bloom!

Arakogawa Park

Photo by kazu218 / Pixta

Arakogawa Park is home to Nagoya's largest lavender garden. The Arakogawa River flows beside the park and is a cherry blossom viewing spot with some 1,000 cherry trees lining the riverbank.

This row of cherry trees extends for about one kilometer and is visible from the bridge over the river. Visitors can also enjoy the magical reflection of the cherry blossoms on the river's surface.

The Arakogawa Park Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually from late March until mid-April. It features concerts and food stalls serving tasty cuisine. The event will appeal to everyone―from children to adults―with the opportunity to enjoy hanami together. Don't miss the evening illumination when the cherry trees take the spotlight again!

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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8. Suigen Park: See a Stunning Reflection of Cherry Blossoms!

Suigen Park

Photo by Inagaki Kazushi / Pixta

Suigen Park faces the gently flowing waters of the nearby river. It's a spot where visitors can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms along the riverbank.

The Suigen Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually from late March until mid-April in tandem with the cherry blossom period. The festival presents a variety of activities and attractions, including a flea market, food stalls selling tasty eats, and local performing arts. There's an evening illumination as well.

The 450 cherry trees are lit up at night, with the reflection on the water's surface making a dramatic scene. This is worth taking a look at!

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

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9. Shirotori Garden: Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in a Traditional Japanese Garden!

Shirotori Garden

Picture courtesy of Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau©

Shirotori Garden boasts the largest area of any Japanese garden in Nagoya. We highly recommend the park for its authentic Japanese-style cherry blossom scenery.

The expansive grounds showcase some outstanding natural sights, including a bamboo grove, a plum grove, and a waterfall. When spring arrives, the garden is colored by a 15-meter-tall shidare-zakura (*2) cherry tree, which is a symbol of the garden.

At the teahouse inside the garden, you can enjoy Japanese confectionery and matcha green tea while admiring the outside view. A tasty lunch menu is also available.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: available

*2 Shidarezakura: A weeping cherry tree. During the cherry blossom season, it's characterized by weeping branches that arch to the ground.

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10. Yamazaki River: A Row of Illuminated Cherry Trees Stretching for Three Kilometers!

Yamazaki River

Picture courtesy of Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau©

There's a three-kilometer-long row of cherry trees along the banks of the Yamazaki River. This area was also selected among Japan's top 100 cherry blossom spots, making this a must-visit place in Nagoya.

Visitors get a perfect view of the cherry trees from the promenade and the bridge over the river. Some 600 cherry trees on the riverbank arch over it, creating a view that's both scenic and powerful.

The river area is illuminated at night from late March to early April. On a nearby bench or on the stairs that connect to the river's edge, you can have a light meal or drink while enjoying a leisurely hanami.

■Best viewing time: late March to early April
■Parking: not available (some paid parking nearby)

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In addition to cherry blossoms, Nagoya has additional sightseeing highlights, including Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, and Ghibli Park, to name a few places. Nagoya also has convenient access to Shirakawa-go (Shirakawa Village), one of Japan's most popular sightseeing attractions.

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Let’s Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Scenery in Nagoya!

This article introduced our recommended spots for enjoying the upcoming cherry blossom season in the Nagoya City area.

If you change the location by visiting a castle, Japanese garden, or riverbank lined with cherry trees, these same cherry blossoms take on a whole new look that can be enjoyed in myriad ways.

When visiting Nagoya City during the cherry blossom season, be sure to visit several spots to enjoy Japanese hanami fully!

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