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Have a special new year in 2024! NEW YEAR First sunrise and Mt. Fuji flight

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A superb flight where you can see Mt. Fuji and the first sunrise of the year from above the clouds. We offer premium air travel through a special collaboration between Yomiuri Travel and Spring Japan. Limited flight only for one flight! Please hurry to make your reservation! Let's have a memorable N...

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Enjoy the Japanese New Year's "First Sunrise"!

On New Year's Day in Japan, there is a custom of worshiping the first sunrise of the year. January 1st is called "New Year's Day" in Japan, and the characters "New Year's Day" also represent the sunrise. Why not welcome the beginning of 2024 with the ``first sunrise'' seen from the sky?

First sunrise flight route

After taking off from Narita Airport, we flew over Choshi in Chiba Prefecture. Watch the first sunrise of the year while going around the viewing points. Afterwards, the route will take you over Shizuoka in search of a spectacular view of snow-capped Mt. Fuji, and then return to Narita Airport, passing through Yaizu, Izu Peninsula, Izu Seven Islands, and Miyake Island.

tour schedule

January 1

02:00AM A private taxi will pick you up at your hotel.

04:00AM Arrive at Narita Airport Terminal 3

05:00AM Boarding begins

05:30-06:30AM Depart from Narita Airport

~Enjoy the first sunrise and Mt. Fuji sightseeing flight~

08:00-08:30AM Arrival at Narita Airport

10:00AM Transfer to your hotel by private taxi

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The view of Mt. Fuji from the sky is spectacular!

Mt. Fuji is said to be a sacred mountain where the gods dwell, and is a major source of spiritual support for the Japanese people. It has long been said to be a lucky charm because of its ``spreading out'' appearance, and it is said that people worshiped Mt. Fuji to pray for a bright future such as prosperity for descendants and prosperous business.

It is also said that if Mt. Fuji appears in your first dream, it will bring you good luck. What a luxury it is to be able to actually see Mt. Fuji, which is such a lucky charm, and not just in your first dream. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the "first sunrise and Mt. Fuji flight"!

Easily meet up at Narita Airport with round-trip transportation included♪

We will meet at Narita Airport at 4am on January 1st. But don't worry if you meet early in the morning! A private taxi will pick you up at your hotel. On your return, we will transfer you from Narita Airport to your hotel.

Participants will also receive original goods!

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