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[The ultimate morning activity found in central Tokyo] Enjoy Japanese culture all at once! What is a model course that you cannot miss?

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Hello everyone. It's the perfect season to start something new. Today, let’s learn a model course for morning activities in Tokyo which is highly recommended during such times. Let's set out for an experience that can only be done in the morning, where you can enjoy Japanese culture .

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The ultimate morning activity starting from Shiba Park, a hidden oasis

The stage starts here at Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
The closest stations are JR Hamamatsucho Station, Toei Subway Shibakoen
Station, Onarimon Station, and Akabanebashi Station.
For the first morning activity that we will be
introducing is the Tokyo Tower before it

Before reception hours, the shutters were naturally down. There are actually events held twice a month where you can enter Tokyo
Tower before it opens.
Its name is "Asacha-no-yu'', a tea ceremony experience where
you can enjoy the sky
 . At the main deck observation deck is 150m above ground, you can enjoy a luxurious meal
while looking out at the morning cityscape of Tokyo.

A luxurious space to enjoy a cup of tea in the sky

While going up by elevator, you will see an
observation deck. At that time, you might be the first one see it.
You can enjoy gazing the view from the window.

While watching a traditional tea
ceremony up close supervised by Souyu Mori (Associate Professor of ''Urasenke'' Tea
Ceremony and Head of the Company's Historical Materials Room), we will begin by
serving Japanese sweets.
Then, enjoy matcha, which has a unique bitter taste.

Chair seats are also available for the
tea ceremony, so it's safe for those who are worried about sitting upright.
We also offer explanations in foreign languages ​​(English, French, and
 , so we hope that foreign tourists who might be fascinated in the tea ceremony will also amused
by this experience.

▼Tea ceremony experience where you can enjoy the sky “Asacha-no-yu”

Date and time: Held twice a month

- 1st seat: Tatami seats South window
corridor / Reception at 8:00, start at 8:15

- 2nd seat: Chair seats Inside club333  / Reception at 8:45, start at 9:00 (before
business hours) (Please enter through a special entrance.)

Meeting place: Tokyo Tower Foot Town Building 1F Main Seki

Participation fee: 3,330 yen per person

*Includes participation fee, main deck
observation fee, and consumption tax.
How to participate: Apply from the Asoview Co., Ltd. website.

Tea ceremony experience where you can enjoy the sky “Asachanoyu” [Click here to make a reservation]

Easy-to-Enjoy Japanese Culture - Sutra Sharing Experience at Zojoji Temple

The next morning activity will be going to Zojoji Temple, which is
located just down the road from Tokyo Tower.
This prestigious temple was built since the Muromachi period. It has been a very popular spot among foreigners.
It's popular because you can take pictures with Tokyo Tower, but the morning
activity we’d like to introduce here more is a
sutra copying experience

Sutra copying is the practice of copying sutras, and was originally an
act used by monks to memorize and copy sutras.
Later, it is said that it began to be practiced as a form of ascetic training
in order to obtain the benefits of "ancestor memorial services'' and "prayer

At Zojoji Temple, you can experience sutra copying at Ankokuden,
which is next to the main hall.

When you enter Ankokuden, there is a special desk on your left where you can
copy the sutra ``Namu Amida Butsu'' using a brush pen, ballpoint pen, or
whatever you feel comfortable writing with.
It may not be well known that you can experience sutra copying for free.
It is especially recommended early in the morning as there are fewer people and
the experience can be deeply felt.

Finally, write your name and you're done.

You can take it home with you, or you can also copy the sutra and receive a goshuin stamp. (Goshuin stamps are 500 yen each)
When Ankokuden is open, you can basically experience it every day, so be sure to give it a try.

Three in one Shiba Park

The last place I would like to introduce is Shiba Park.
It is also known as one of the oldest parks in Japan, but did you know
that there are actually three Shiba Parks ?
It is divided into three types: ''Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park'',''Minato
Ward Shiba Park'', and ''Prince Shiba Park'' ,and each park is located next to
the other.

Among them, Prince Shiba Park is on the ground of the Prince Hotel and is privately owned, but all three parks, including
the metropolitan and ward parks, are open to the public and can be enjoyed
Although the boundaries are difficult to distinguish, it is a space that can be
enjoyed as an oasis full of greenery despite the fact that it is being located in the heart of the city, along with Tokyo Tower and Zojoji

Click here for details on Shiba Park

A must-have guidebook if you want to enjoy the area around Shiba Park

In Minato Ward, we distribute guidebooks that
cover a wide range of areas, including Roppongi, Azabu, Shinbashi, and Odaiba,
as well as visiting facilities centered around Shiba Park.
These are certainly available for free.These are distributed at the Minato City Tourist Information Center (1st floor, Futonotsuji Square) .

In addition, various guidebook data are distributed on magazine racks at JR/Monorail Hamamatsucho Station, and on the Minato City official website, so be sure to check them out before you go!

[Minato City Guidebook] Click here to download data


What did you think.
This time, we introduced a model course that takes you to spots where you can
enjoy traditional Japanese culture even though it is located in the city center. Please enjoy it as an easy and
enjoyable morning activity.

Content cooperation: TOKYO TOWER., Daihonzan Zojoji Temple

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