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Enjoy the charm of Japan in Kagurazaka! Recommended spots for a walk and gourmet information

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Hello to everyone planning a trip to Tokyo. Today, we'll be introducing the Kagurazaka area, which still retains the atmosphere of the Edo period. Kagurazaka is an area dotted with historic temples and shrines, art museums, and delicious gourmet spots, including Torisobaza Ginkagurazaka ramen, maki...

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Bishamonten Zenkokuji Temple

Next, it's a 6-minute walk to Akagi Shrine, which is quietly nestled in the back alleys of Kagurazaka.

Akagi Shrine

If you want to take a break, we recommend Cafe de Rambre, a long-established cafe in Kagurazaka.

Cafe de Ramble

If you enjoy visiting art museums, we recommend the Hokusai Museum, which is a 33-minute train ride away.

Sumida Hokusai Museum

Now, after enjoying the walk and art, it's time for some serious gourmet food. A must-see in Kagurazaka is the Torisoba Zagin Kagurazaka branch, a specialty chicken soba restaurant that boasts its special chicken broth. It's a 26-minute train ride away.

Chicken Soba Zagin Kagurazaka store

The atmosphere is welcoming even for solo diners, so feel free to drop in.

Torisoba Za Gin Kagurazaka is a hidden restaurant tucked away in the back alleys of Kagurazaka. There is often a line during lunchtime, so it's best to visit early.

If you're out walking around, be sure to stop by this restaurant for a break and enjoy some delicious chicken soba.

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