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Bus Or Train? How To Travel From Tokyo To Nikko

Bus Or Train? How To Travel From Tokyo To Nikko

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by ニコ

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Nikko is a city located in the northwerstern region of Tochigi prefecture, known for its beautiful natural landscapes and World Heritage sites. In this article, we share how to travel from Tokyo to Nikko.

From Asakusa

1. Asakusa (Tobu Nikko Line Limited Express Kegon) → Tobu Nikko Station
2. Asakusa (Tobu Nikko Line Limited Express Kinu) → Shimoimaichi Station (Transfer) → Tobu Nikko Station

Both routes will take you about 1 hour and 50 minutes and both routes have fares of 2700 yen. Using the Tobu Railway will take you directly to Nikko, and is very easy travel.

3. Asakusa (Tobu Nikko Line) → Tobu Nikko Station

This is the route for using just the conventional Tobu lines. It will take you about 2 hours and 10 minutes, but without the limited express charge, the fare is just 1360 yen. Very reasonable.

What's great about the Tobu Railway is that it's cheap! The Tobu Railway is reasonable and easy to ride, but there aren't many trains departing on this route, so you should do some research on departing times beforehand. Tickets can be purchased online, so if you already have your itinerary decided, you might want to book your trip online.

From Shinjuku

Shinjuku Station (JR Limited Express Nikko) → Tobu Nikko Station

The convenient Limited Express Nikko leaving from Shinjuku Station makes it easy to reach Nikko without having to change trains once. It takes about 2 hours and costs 2060 yen for the limited express ticket plus 1940 yen for regular passenger fare.

Recommended! Use the Economical Free Ticket

Other than the above, there's a ticket called the "JR Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Free Pass". Using this ticket, you can enjoy unlimited rides from the Tokyo area to Tobu Nikko Kinugawa Onsen for two consecutive days. The price is 6680 yen. If you want to take your time touring the area, this is the ticket for you.

To purchase the pass in Tokyo, you can stop by the JR East Tokyo Station Midori-no-Madoguchi, or a designated ticket machine. Some travel agents like Tobu Top Tours also handle the ticket. Other than that, you can go to the Midori-no-Madoguchi at JR Yokohama Station, Hachioji Station, or Omiya Station.

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