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Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!
  • Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!

Kumamoto Guide: Access, 27 Sightseeing Spots, Festivals and More!

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Kumamoto is a prefecture located in the Kyushu region with many delicious foods, hot springs and natural scenery that would make a vacation here very enjoyable. Let this guide help you get around and experience the best of Kumamoto.

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mayu

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20. Kikuchi Gorge

A spot to enjoy the refreshing sounds of the river among the lush greens is in this scenic ravine. During the hot summers of Kumamoto, the cool waters in the gorge are around 13 degrees Celsius and are a perfect spot to cool down.

Address: Kumamoto, Kikuchi city, Fukaba Nishiyunoura 5026
Website: Kikuchi Gorge

21. Nabegataki Falls

This is a beautiful waterfall located in Oguni. You can even go behind the falls and see the magnificent scenery from there.

For more details about the falls, please read The Wonderful View at Nabegataki Falls in Oguni, Kumamoto.

Address: Kumamoto, Aso district, Oguni, Kurobuchi
Website: Nabega Falls (Japanese)

22. Daikanbo

Daikanbo is an area with the highest mountain ranges on the outer rim of the northern Aso mountains. This is a spot where you can witness the panoramic view of the five mountains of Aso, Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Neko, Mt. Takadake, Mt. Eboshi, and Mt. Kishima, all at once.

The way the mountains stand side by side n this area is often referred to as "the sleeping Buddha".

Address: Kumamoto, Aso city, Yamada Daikanbo

23. Kumagawa (Kuma River)

This is a freshwater river that runs through Hitoyoshi and Kuma areas. It is known as a scenic spot mainly during the autumn. Many visitors ride small boats from upstream to downstream to enjoy the seasonal views.

24. Okoshiki Shore

This scenic shore is on the northern side of the Uto peninsula and has been nominated as part of "Japan's Top 100 beaches" and "Japan's Top 100 sunset spots". During the time of the tide, beautiful ripple marks appear on the sand, creating a spectacular scenery along with the sunset.

Address: Kumamoto, Uto city, Shimooda

25. Shirakawa Suigen

A natural water source in southern Aso where over 60 tons of water pours out every day. Here, you will be able to taste the fresh and natural water from the fountain on the spot. Admission to the Shirakawa Suigen is 100 yen.

Address: Kumamoto, Aso district, Aso village, Shirakawa 2040
Website: Shirakawa Suigen (Japanese)

26. Road of Laputa - Milk Road

The milk road is a road extending from the southern rim of Mt. Aso toward the northeastern area. Along the way, you will be able to witness a fabulous sight that looks like a scene from the famous Ghibli movie, "Laputa, Castle in the Sky". The way the clouds form makes the Road of Laputa seem as if there are islands floating in the sky.
Address: Kumamoto, Aso city, Kario

27. Kusasenrigahama

North of Mt. Eboshi, you will find a vast field extending 1 km all around. You will find horses freely wandering and eating grass at the scenic Kusasenrigahama. Horse riding activities are available here as well.

Address: Kumamoto, Aso city, Kusasenrigahama

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