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Top 5 Ski Resorts In Snowy Hokkaido For Winter 2018-2019

Top 5 Ski Resorts In Snowy Hokkaido For Winter 2018-2019

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Hokkaido, the northernmost area in Japan, has great snow in the winter and wonderful ski resorts. This article introduces five ski resorts you can enjoy in the winter season 2018-2019. Each of them has unique features that are worth checking out!

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Written by Eri Okubo

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Skiing on Powder Snow - The Highlight of Winter in Hokkaido!

Hokkaido, with a total area of about 83,450 square kilometers, is the northernmost of Japan’s main islands and is well-known for its great winter sports facilities.

Thanks to its location in the north of the country, Hokkaido naturally receives rich snowfalls in winter, and, thanks to its abundant size and number of mountains, is the perfect place to find ski resorts. Moreover, winter is longer in Hokkaido which gives you more time to enjoy skiing. In this article, we will introduce our top five ski resorts picks in Hokkaido selected based on the skill level required and overall quality.

In order to go from Tokyo to Hokkaido, we recommend using the New Chitose Airport to get to areas such as Sapporo and Otaru, and Asahikawa Airport for Furano and central Hokkaido. A flight from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport would take roughly from 60 minutes to 90 minutes to any of these aiports. For further information, please refer to our article on traveling from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

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1. Furano Ski Resort: For Beginners and Experts

Image courtesy of Prince Grand Resort Furano

Furano Ski Resort, situated in Furano city, in the heart of Hokkaido, is a historic, full-scale ski resort where many international ski contests were held. It takes only one hour and 20 minutes to reach (by bus) from Asahikawa airport.

Ski slopes are available in two areas, the Furano ski area with long ski slopes and Kitanomine ski area with a wide variety of ski slopes. And the view of the snowy mountains from the ropeway, which accommodates 101 people, are magnificent.

Image courtesy of Prince Grand Resort Furano

There are 24 ski courses in total with a wide range of terrains here, not to mention long ski runs that go for 3000 meters or so. Furano Ski Resort is great not only for advanced skiers but also for beginners and intermediates too.

Season: November 24th, 2018 to May 6th, 2019
Furano Zone: November 25th, 2018 to May 6th, 2019
Kitanomine Zone: early December 2018 to March 24th, 2019
Night Skiing: early December 2018 to March 23th, 2019

2. Niseko Annupri International Ski Area: So Spaciousness!

Image courtesy of Chuo Bus Kanko Shoji Co., Ltd.

Niseko Annupri International Ski Area offers a discounted bus package tour which includes a round trip bus ticket from Sapporo station, Shin Chitose airport, Otaru city and Yoichi city, and a ski lift pass for eight hours. Its charm is its easy-to-access environment. Moreover, the ski resort itself has a lot of attractive things to offer.

Mostly wide and gentle slopes are found here which makes it ideal for beginners and intermediates. There are 13 ski runs available from average 6-degree slopes for kids to 24-degree slopes located in deeper snow areas with woods. The powdery snow found at Niseko is perfect and enables skiers to glide easily along.

Season: November 25th, 2018 to May 6th, 2019
Night Skiing: December 11th, 2018 to March 20th, 2019

3. Hakodate Nanae Snow Park: Long Ski Runs


Image courtesy of Hakodate Nanae Snow Park

Hakodate Nanae Snow Park attracts people with its nature-based slopes; here you can enjoy mountains with their snow-covered peaks as you ski - there are incredible views of Mount Komagatake and the beautiful city too.

The longest ski run here is 4 kilometers long, but there are also 2-kilometer ski runs with wide and gentle slopes for families, and advanced ski runs through natural settings too. This resort is ideal for all levels and those that want to enjoy nature as much as they enjoy skiing.

To get to Hakodate Nanae Snow Park, from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station or JR Onuma-Koen Station, take a complimentary shuttle bus (20 to 25 minutes).

Season: December 8th, 2018 to April 7th, 2019
Night Skiing: December 15th, 2018 to March 10th, 2019

4. Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort: Take a Day Trip

Image courtesy of Sapporo Resort Development Co., Ltd.

Thanks to a direct bus service from Sapporo city, Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort is perfect if you want to take a one-day ski trip during your visit to Sapporo. There are not only plenty of ski runs offered for intermediates but also areas for beginners and snow playgrounds for kids as well. Even if you are a beginner, you can have a blast without any worries. Make sure to get a bus tour ticket to get a great deal, which includes a round-trip bus ticket as well as lift tickets.

Season: November 16th, 2018 to May 6th, 2019

5. Otaru Tenguyama Ski Resort: Superb Night View

Image courtesy of Chuo Bus Kanko Shoji Co., Ltd.

Otaru Tenguyama Ski Resort is where the first All Japan Ski Championship was held in 1923. Starting from a 24-degree slope which has its nickname, Tengu (long-nosed goblin) Wall, each slope has steep sections which make this the best ski resort for experts.

Image courtesy of Chuo Bus Kanko Shoji Co., Ltd.

Tenguyama Shrine, located at the highest point within Otaru city, is found on the top of the mountain and from here you can enjoy some pretty stunning night views. So even for non-skiers, this resort is an exciting place to visit. The resort is accessible from Otaru Station in about 17 minutes.

Season: December 8th, 2018 to March 24th, 2019
Night Skiing: December 15th, 2018 to February 17th, 2019

**This article is a revision of an article originally published in December 2016.

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