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5 Convenience Store Items To Keep You Warm In The Winter

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During the winter in Japan the convenience store is the first place to go search for something to keep you warm. We introduce here some recommended items that can be found at convenience stores in the winter.

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Convenience stores are an essential part of modern Japanese culture. Open 24/7 and offering a wide range of services besides being the place to day to day items, they never cease to amaze the tourists and locals alike.

Winters in Japan can be quite harsh, but the hot snacks and drinks from convenience store (also known as "kombini") make them more bearable. Let us to introduce to you some of the warm items that can be found at kombinis in the winter.

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

Nikuman and Anman - Warm Buns

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

Starting from November, convenience stores all over Japan have heated display cases at the counter, displaying an assortment of warm buns with various fillings. Some of the most popular kinds are nikuman (bun with meat filling), chiizukareman (cheese curry bun), and anman (bun with sweet red azuki bean paste filling). Each warm bun is wrapped in a paper and is of course meant to be eaten within minutes after purchasing it. It is delicious and hot, ideal on a cold day. It's perfect for a quick snack on the go!

Oden - A Warm, Delicious Dish

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

One cannot escape the charm of a bowl of warm oden brings on a chilling night. Convenience stores have a large heated tray on the counter full of delicious broth and a number of piping hot ingredients. Daikon radish, delicious boiled eggs, konnyaku jelly, and many other ingredients make this dish a winter favorite among everyone. This dish is delicious and nutritious, and it's a great service to be able to find it at kombinis. Do savor this hot dish, a real "soul food" for the Japanese, for lunch or dinner during the winter.

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Hot Drinks

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

When it comes to convenience store hot drinks, you name it and they have it. When the cold wind blows, nothing compares to having a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hands, right away at an affordable price. Offering from various types of tea to lattes and drip coffee, the convenience stores make sure that we stay happy and warm. Matcha latte, espresso, milk tea, black tea and a winter special cocoa latte are some of the drinks available piping hot from the coffee machine.

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

In addition, there are of course also bottled teas and coffee available hot. Look for the red nameplate indicating "Hot" at the drinks stand or near the counter. Choose your favorite drink, sip and enjoy!

Cup Ramen

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

Cup Ramen is ideal for those who like to enjoy warm noodle soups anytime during the day or night. During the winter season, kettles with hot water are kept for customers who wish to enjoy the cup noodles instantly. Available in many flavors and spices, the cup ramen noodles are a very satisfying treat any time you feel hungry. Slurping the noodles on the go is a great option when you want to prioritize your time during a trip.

Shogayu (Ginger Tea)

5 Japanese Konbini Items that will keep you warm this winter

In the winter few of us can escape getting a cold. An itchy throat is one of the common symptoms of the season. At convenience stores you can find shogayu, which is the Japanese version of ginger tea, used as a home remedy to treat the common cold or flu. The spiciness of the ginger helps raise the body temperature and make us feel warm from inside.

Also available in small one cup powder sachets, one can instantly drink the shogayu by pouring hot water from the kettles available at convenience stores. When inserted in hot water, the powder turns into a warm jelly, which is perfect in curing a cold.

In Conclusion

Convenience stores are a boon in Japan and their multi-functional aspect is what makes them popular. located near every train station and in every residential neighborhood and business district, they are the perfect one-stop shop for every shopping need.

Besides foods and other assorted goods, convenience stores also sell magazines, as well as concert and amusement park tickets. It may sound strange but these stores are carefully designed to offer everything required on a daily basis.

What do you think about Japanese convenience stores? We hope you enjoy and make use of their services when in Japan. And remember to go to a convenience store first if you need something to keep you warm in the winter!

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