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Kansai Airport 2024: Access From Osaka, Shopping, Dining, and Hotels

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Kansai International Airport serves as the gateway to major cities, most notably Osaka and Kyoto. The facilities have been recently renovated, making it more attractive to travelers. This article features shops and restaurants at the airport, along with hotels and shopping malls located nearby.

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Kansai International Airport: Your Gateway to Western Japan

Kansai International Airport, also known as Kanku or Kansai Airport, is the gateway to the Kansai region. Around 30 million travelers use the facilities annually, boarding both domestic and international flights.

There are two terminals: Terminal 1 is for full-service carriers, and Terminal 2 is for low-cost carriers. Shops and restaurants are also located in the terminals.

Currently, the facilities are being renovated. This article features attractions of the airport, including shops, restaurants, renovation schedules, and hotels located nearby.

Kansai International Airport: Features and Highlights

1. Kansai International Airport's Structure and Floors
2. Aeroplaza - Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
3. Terminal 1: Shops/Restaurants
4. Terminal 2: Shops/Restaurants
5. Renovation Plans
6. How to Access Terminal 2 from Terminal 1/Aeroplaza
7. Access to Osaka and Kyoto
8. Nearby Hotels
9. Nearby Shopping Facilities
10. KIX-ITM Card

Kansai International Airport's Structure and Floors

Kansai International Airport

Picture courtesy of Kansai Airport Official Website

The airport can be divided into the following facilities.

1. Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
2. Terminal 1
3. Terminal 2

Good to Know Beforehand

- Most of the commercial facilities are located at Terminal 1.
- A large number of shops are located after the security check of international departures.
- While there are many restaurants on the landside of Terminal 1, there are only a few shops.
- Those who are boarding domestic flights and want to go shopping should head to the shopping malls located near the airport.

Aeroplaza - Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Kansai International Airport

Photo by Pixta

This complex, as the name suggests, consists of lodging facilities such as Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport and First Cabin Kansai Airport (Japanese).

KIX Airport Cafe Lounge Nodoka, located on the second floor, is furnished with shower rooms, a lawn, and private rooms. Passengers can leisurely take a break until their flight departs.

Please note that there are few shops and restaurants in this complex.

Shops: Lawson
Restaurants: Teppanyaki Icho, IL BAR, Kappougi, The Brasserie, Toh-Lee, Nakau, *Hanazato (*Closed until further notice), Anzu

Terminal 1: Shops/Restaurants

Kansai Airport 2024: Recommended Shopping, Dining, and Lodgings

The four-storied Terminal 1 is the main facility. The first floor handles international/domestic arrivals, while the second floor handles domestic departures/arrivals and restaurants. The third floor is comprised of restaurants/shops, and the fourth floor is for international departures.

Kansai International Airport

Most of the restaurants and shops are consolidated in Terminal 1. After the recent renovation, there are 27 new shops in the international departures area as of December 2023.

They include luxury brands such as Hermès and Chanel; Miki House, the renowned children's clothing brand; Kansai Tabinikki, a souvenir shop with items sold only at the airport; Japan Tech, a home appliance store; and Anime hunt, which handles figures and plastic models.

Even before the security check, there are many restaurants, including eateries serving Osaka cuisines, such as Takomasa (takoyaki) and Dotonbori Kamukura (ramen).

However, there are few stores in the area before the security check, so keep this in mind if you want to enjoy shopping.

Before Security Check
Shops: Cocokara Fine, FamilyMart, Lawson
Restaurants: Osaka Tenma Sushi Nishiya, San Marco Curry, Genki Shouten, Colosseo, 551 Horai, Homemade Udon Kineya Mugimaru, Sukiya, Starbucks Coffee 1F South Shop, Starbucks Coffee 2F Shop, Sojibo, Takomasa, Dotonbori Kamukura, Doutour Coffee Shop, McDonald's, Le Pan Kobe Kitano, Maido Ohkini Shokudo Kanku Shokudo

After Security Check (International Departures)
Shops: KIX Duty Free North Wing Shop, KIX Duty Free South Wing Shop, KIX Duty Free South Wing Gate Shop, Sky Spot North Wing, Taste of Kansai/Kansai Tabinikki, KIX Duty Free, Sky Spot South Wing, Anime hunt, Ippinsan, Hermès, AAS Hobby Shop, Canadian Morning & Toko, KIX Duty Free Arrival Shop South, KIX Duty Free North Wing Gate Shop, Gucci, Cocokara Fine Kansai Airport Departures Area Store, Chanel, Chaumet, Japan Tech, Tasaki, Dior, FamilyMart, Bulgari, Prada, Miki House, Louis Vuitton
Restaurants: Espresso & Bakery, È Pronto, Onigiri Burger, Cafe & Bar Wa Sakura, KIX Beer, Kiefel, Sushi Otaku, Soup Gogyo, Segafredo Caffe, Tsukiji Magoemon, Nippon no Shokudo, Pronto KIX Terminal 1, Musubiya Hinone Mizunone, Mensho

After Security Check (Domestic Departures)
Shops: Kansai Tabinikki, Lawson
Restaurants: St. Marc Cafe + R, Japan Traveling Restaurant® by Botejyu®, Tempura Endo KIX Prime, Botejyu® 1946

Terminal 2: Shops/Restaurants

Kansai Airport 2024: Recommended Shopping, Dining, and Lodgings

Terminal 2 mainly serves domestic and international low cost carriers, such as Peach Aviation, Spring Japan, and Jeju Air.

Compared to Terminal 1, there are fewer stores and restaurants in Terminal 2. Those who have time to spare should consider dining in Terminal 1.

Before Security Check
Shops: Applause, Cocokara Fine (located inside Applause), Lawson KIX Second Terminal
Restaurants: Coco's Airport Dining, Pronto

After Security Check (International Departures)
Shops: TRK Duty Free Shop, Cocokara Fine (Terminal 2 Departures Area Store), Daily Sky
Restaurants: Osaka Gochi Shokudou, Nana's Green Tea

After Security Check (Domestic Departures)
Shops: Applause
Restaurants: Sorateria

Renovation Plans

A new domestic flight zone opened on the second floor of Terminal 1 in October 2022, followed by an international flight zone on the same floor in December 2023.

The renovation will continue into 2026, marking a bright future ahead for the airport.

Renovation Plan Schedules
Spring 2025: A new security checkpoint (fourth floor) and lounge for international flight passengers (third floor) will open.
Autumn 2026: The commercial area in the international flight area will be expanded with new shops.

How to Access Terminal 2 from Terminal 1/Aeroplaza

A free shuttle bus connects the first floor of Aeroplaza and Terminal 2. It runs 24 hours a day, and the ride takes about 7 minutes. For details, please check the official website of Nankai Bus.

Access to Osaka and Kyoto

Kansai Airport 2024: Recommended Shopping, Dining, and Lodgings

Kansai Airport offers a wide variety of transportation means, including trains (Nankai Electric Railway/JR), buses, high-speed boats, and self-driving rental cars.

For further information, please check the articles listed below.

Hotels near Kansai International Airport

Since there are various hotels near Kansai Airport, passengers boarding an early-morning flight should check them out.

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport 2024: Recommended Shopping, Dining, and Lodgings

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, located in the Aeroplaza complex, is ideal for those taking an early-morning flight.

First Cabin Kansai Airport

First Cabin Kansai Airport

Picture courtesy of Rakuten Travel

First Cabin is a compact-style hotel, designed in the image of an airliner's first class. It is less expensive than a no-frills hotel, and more spacious than a pod (capsule) hotel. The hotel is also furnished with a large bathing room.

First Cabin Kansai Airport is located inside Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, so it's perfect for an early-morning flight.

OMO Kansai Airport

Picture courtesy of Hoshino Resorts

From the airport, it takes about 10 minutes by train to OMO Kansai Airport, which opened on March 20, 2023. The hotel is located at a short walk away from Rinku-Town Station where both the JR and Nankai trains operate.

Henn-na Hotel Kansai Airport

Henn-na Hotel Kansai Airport

Picture courtesy of

Henn-na Hotel has been listed on the Guiness Book of World Records as the first hotel with a working robot. While the franchise is found across Japan, Henn-na Hotel Kansai Airport is famous for dinosaurs standing at the reception desk.

The rooms are moderately priced, and the large bathing room offers an ocean view. It is the perfect place to make a nice memory of your trip to Osaka.

Nearby Shopping Facilities

Kansai Airport is close to Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. There are attractive shopping malls in the area, so be sure to enjoy shopping at the end of your trip.

Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan

Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan

Picture courtesy of Aeon Mall

Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan, located near the airport, is a shopping facility consisting of around 170 stores. It takes about 15 minutes on a bus from Rinku-Town Station to the mall. Visitors can take a break at this facility, which offers a great view of the sunset and ocean.

There is also a bus departing from the facility running a circulation route connecting the five hotels in Rinku Town. Basically, it is convenient for travelers staying in the area.

Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku Premium Outlets

The most famous Osaka shopping spot for overseas visitors may be Rinku Premium Outlets, consisting of 210 stores that are easily accessible by train from Kansai Airport.

The train ride takes at minimum about 5 minutes, and most people choose to visit the facility at the start or the end of their trip. Passengers leaving on a late-night flight can dine at restaurants in Rinku Town, or go for last-minute shopping at this facility.



KIX-ITM Card (Japanese) can be used at both Kansai and Osaka International (Itami) airports.

There is no annual fee. Users are allowed entrance into the airport lounge, along with shopping discounts, special parking benefits, and will be awarded with mileage points.

How to Apply


After filing an online application, entrants can receive the card at a booth in Kansai Airport. The business hours are from 9:00 to 17:00.


What is the difference between Kansai and Osaka International (Itami) airports?

While Kansai serves both domestic and international flights, Itami only serves domestic flights. The latter is convenient for travelers heading for Osaka since it is closer to the city.

If you're traveling from Tokyo to Osaka, would be it better to take the Shinkansen or a plane?

Shinkansen. Even though the flight time is an hour and a half, it will take time to get to the airport, and go through the boarding process. For further information, please check the following article: How to Travel to Osaka from Tokyo in 2024: Price Comparison.

In Conclusion

Kansai Aiport, the gateway to Osaka, boasts a wide variety of shops and restaurants, ensuring that your trip will end on a pleasant note.

Be sure to take advantage of the facility, and enjoy your journey.


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