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Nadai Fujisoba - Your Go-To Stop For Casual Soba Noodles And Katsudon

Nadai Fujisoba - Your Go-To Stop For Casual Soba Noodles And Katsudon

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Otsuji

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Nadai Fujisoba is a soba and udon chain with locations in Japan and Asia. Their food is popular among locals and visitors from overseas. We introduce here the chain's signature dishes as well as how to order at one of their shops.

Nadai Fujisoba

Founded in 1966, Nadai Fujisoba is a major soba and udon chain that has joints not only throughout Japan, but also in Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and other countries. Inside the shops you'll hear enka (*1) music produced by the founder himself. The shops have a traditional Japanese-style atmosphere where you can sit back and relax while enjoying your meal.

*1 Enka: a genre of Japanese music that was especially popular in the 1970s. The genre still has many fans today as a traditional Japanese style of music.

Nadai Fujisoba Ikebukuro

Fujisoba Ikebukuro

Today we visit the Nadai Fujisoba shop in Ikebukuro. Maybe because of the fact that Animate Ikebukuro Main Store is located nearby, they say that about 40 to 50% of all their customers are visitors from Asia. The soba noodle dishes produced by this chain is very popular among tourists.

3 Nadai Fujisoba Signature Dishes

Now let's check out three of Nadai Fujisoba's most popular dishes.

1. Niku Fuji Soba

Fujisoba Ikebukuro

The Niku Fuji Soba is soba noodle dish topped with meat and an onsen tamago (soft boiled egg). This one will satisfy your tummy for just 470 yen (with tax). It's one of the few menus that have Fuji in its name.

2. Tempura Soba


They say their tempura topping on the Tempura Soba have been fried at the shops since they installed a special fryer in 2014. This allows the chain to offer crispy and healthy tempura to customers.

Fujisoba also takes their dipping sauce (tsuyu) from dashi stock made within their stores, and doesn't use any preservatives.

3. Katsudon Dishes

Fujisona Katsudon

Another dish we highly recommend is the katsudon. The chain's special sauce is soaked into the chewy pork, which is covered with a soft blanket of egg. It's one of Fujisoba's signature dishes, and is so popular that many customers come here just for this. The bowls are made to order, so you can enjoy fresh katsudon here any time.

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