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Yoshikien Garden – A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Nara

Yoshikien Garden – A Green Oasis In The Heart Of Nara

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Yoshikien Garden in Nara is composed of three gardens: Pond Garden, Moss Garden, and Tea Flower Garden. This article introduces everything you need to know before visiting this amazing garden.

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Mayu

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Going to Yoshikien Garden

Yoshiki Garden


Here’s how to access Yoshikien Garden from Nara Station. You can travel to the garden by either walking or taking the bus from Nara Station. If you are taking the bus, take the Nara Kotsu Bus Line 2 (Nara City Loop Line, Clockwise) bound for JR Nara Station and exit at the east Prefectural Office. It will be a ten-minute ride and costs 210 yen. Yoshikien Garden is a five-minute walk from the bus stop.

If you are walking to Yoshikien Garden from Nara Station, it will be a 25-minute walk.

For more details on how to access Nara from Tokyo or Osaka, please read “Nara Travel Guide – Get To Know Japan’s Ancient Capital.”

Recommended Spots

Moss Garden

In Yoshikien Garden you find the Moss Garden, rare even among other Japanese gardens. A variety of moss called haircap moss covers the entire garden. The thick, bright green moss is a sight worth seeing, especially during the beginning of summer and the rainy season.

Tea House

Yoshiki Garden
Yoshiki Garden


The Moss Garden is visible from the tea house. 

Sightseeing Spots Around Yoshikien Garden

You can walk to popular destinations from the Yoshikien Garden. The Isui Garden (Japanese), a scenic beauty of the country, the World Heritage Site Todai-ji and the Nara Prefectural Museum, with exhibits on Japanese Buddhist art.

For more details on these and other Nara sightseeing spots, please read “Sightseeing In And Around Nara, The UNESCO World Heritage City.”

* Information on travel time and traveling expenses have been published based on information taken from each facility’s official websites. The information provided is current as of August 2017. Please understand that this information may be subject to change.

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