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6 Cheap Restaurants In Roppongi: Enjoy Meals For Less Than 1000 Yen!

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In this article, we introduce six restaurants in Roppongi that offer tasty meals and are budget-friendly. Most people see Roppongi as an expensive area, but there are many cheap options too!

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Roppongi, known as one of the busy business districts, is home to many internationally known companies, world famous hotels and high-end restaurants and shops. However, not many people are familiar with the budget-friendly side of Roppongi. In this article, we will be introducing restaurants you can enjoy for less than a 1000 yen in the Roppongi area.

Saizeria Roppongi

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

Saizeria is one of the most popular “family restaurants” in Japan. This restaurant offers various affordable Italian style dishes such as pasta and pizza. Their cheapest pasta is only 299 yen!

On top of their cheap regular menu, their weekday lunch menus offer even better deals. You can get a lunch set for only 500 yen! Saizeria also offers cheap alcohol (one glass of wine for 100 yen and a glass of beer for 299 yen) and appetizers so it is a great place to have a quick drink as well.

Hanamaru Udon Roppongi

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

Hanamaru Udon is a Japanese udon (thick noodles) chain that offers cheap udon and tempura (fried foods). Their average udon bowl will cost you around 300 yen. This is a great place to have a quick, easy and wallet-friendly meal.

Bentos in Tokyo Midtown

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

On the B1 floor in Tokyo Midtown, there is an area where restaurants sell their original Bentos (packed meals). Although the prices may vary depending on the restaurant and bento, you can easily find one for less than a 1000 yen. These pack meals are great for people who are on the go or for people who want to enjoy their meals outside, for example in the park.

Chinese Cafe 8 Roppongi

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

Chinese Cafe 8 is a Chinese restaurant located right across from the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills that offers large and cheap Chinese dishes such as fried rice, stir fried vegetables and desserts. They offer a dish of various types of dumplings for only 150 yen!

They have great lunch deals as well, with a meal set (rice, salad, a main dish, desert) only costing 630 yen. If you order this lunch set, you get bottomless rice, dessert and drinks!

Another important piece of information that needs to be mentioned here that this is one of the few restaurants that are open 24 hours!

Ootoya Roppongi

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

Ootoya is a Japanese style restaurant that offers various types of teishoku (set meals that often consist of rice, the main dish, miso soup and pickled vegetables). Most of these set meals are less than a 1000 yen and are healthy. Check out this restaurant if you want to have healthy, authentic Japanese style meals.

Gonpachi Nishiazabu

Roppongi Cheap Eats: 6 Restaurants Under a 1000 Yen

Gonpachi is a Japanese style restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu (a 5 to 10-minute walk from Roppongi). This restaurant is popular for its cool, traditional Japanese style building that inspired the movie “Kill Bill”. It is widely known as the “Kill Bill Restaurant”.

Gonpachi offers popular Japanese foods such as soba (noodles), donburi (rice bowls) and tempura. Their noodles are made in-house, so make sure to try their fresh soba. Many Hollywood stars and artists have visited this restaurant during their stay in Tokyo. Despite its fancy appearance, the food at Gonpachi is reasonably priced. You can enjoy their lunch set for approximately 1000 yen. Why not taste their special soba while you enjoy the interior that inspired Kill Bill?

In Conclusion

Although Roppongi is known as a luxurious area, there are many wallet-friendly options. In this article, we introduced 6 restaurants in Roppongi you want to check out if you are a fan of cheap and tasty eats!

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