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Feast On Kyoto's Delicious Shaved Ice! Two Select Shops In Gion

Feast On Kyoto's Delicious Shaved Ice! Two Select Shops In Gion

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by 五月女菜穂

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Shaved ice has become a wonderful treat during the summer, but that doesn't stop people from craving it in the colder months. Check out two shops in Kyoto that serve amazing shaved ice throughout the year.

Shaved ice is a classic sweet treat enjoyed during the hot summer months in Japan. It is a simple dessert consisting of flakes of ice topped with syrup, but lately, shaved ice has become a popular frozen delicacy that is enjoyed throughout the year. There have even been articles in magazines and guidebooks featuring only the shaved ice.

This time, we would like to feature two shops in Kyoto that serves delicious shaved ice.

1. Monthly Shaved Ice at Tea and Sake Room TASUKI

ea and Sake Room TASUKI

Located five minutes from Gion Shijo Station on the Keihan Line, the shop, Tea and Sake Room TASUKI is located in the popular restaurant district of Kyoto.

After crossing the Shirakawa Bridge going across the Kamo river, you can enter the shop standing among the area with authentic Japanese buildings.

Tea and Sake Room TASUKI

The main trait of the shaved ice at Tea and Sake Room TASUKI is how the menu changes every month. In the photo above is the masala chai tea flavored shaved ice (1296 yen with tax), which was availabl during our report in July 2017.

The masala chai syrup is poured on top of the fluffy layers of ice. While the masala chai flavor is rich, the ginger leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

ea and Sake Room TASUKI

You can also enjoy the change in flavor by pouring condensed milk on top.

In addition to that, two flavors change every month in the limited time menu. Therefore, you can enjoy a variety of flavors through the year. There are also permanent flavors such as the matcha green tea syrup with condensed milk (1188 yen with tax) and hojicha tea syrup with kinako condensed milk (1188 yen with tax) that are available all year round.

Reservations cannot be made but since it is a popular store, you may need to wait your turn to enter the shop. Please go to the shop directly to check for yourself.

Tea and Sake Tasuki

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