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5 Top Kyoto Vegan Restaurants - Traditional Cuisine And Matcha Sweets

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Written by Jasmine O

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Kyoto is one of the best places to sample traditional cuisine that is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly. This article recommends five places where diners can eat plant-based dishes of all types, from soymilk ramen to matcha chiffon cake.

Kyoto - A Treasure Trove of Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes

vegan kyoto

Top-left picture courtesy of Veg Out

Kyoto is one of Japan's ancient capitals and often visited for its gorgeous shrines, temples, and historical landmarks. Food is another must-experience. The traditional local cuisine is full of flavor and uniqueness, from flavorful vegetables to tofu and miso soup of all varieties. Many excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants can be found in Kyoto. This is making it an ideal gourmet destination for travelers trying to eat healthy meals.

This article introduces five restaurants and cafes in Kyoto where travelers can eat delicious and nutritious plant-based dishes. These restaurants are unique and often offer different cuisine than what may be found in Tokyo, Osaka, and other parts of Japan. They are ideal for anyone looking to experience local cuisine.

Where to Eat Vegan in Kyoto

Veg Out - Enjoy Breakfast by the Kamo River

kyoto vegout

Picture courtesy of Veg Out

Veg Out is a restaurant nestled on the Kamo River, giving guests a picturesque view as they dine. Open from 8:00 for breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner, the all-vegan menu here will satisfy all kinds of diners. Veg Out uses various of organic and high-quality ingredients in their plant-based meals.

kyoto vegout

Picture courtesy of Veg Out

For breakfast, you can choose from a variety of sets or even acai bowls and oatmeal. Pictured above is the VEG OUT Breakfast Plate. It includes slices of local bread, salad, vegetable sides, and your choice of plant-based yogurt or seasonal soup.

vegout kyoto

Picture courtesy of Veg Out

Another option is the Veg Panini, which is a warm, pressed sandwich using local bread. The panini is filled with house-made feta tofu and seasonal vegetables. A salad on the side makes it a highly-nutritional choice.

kyoto vegout

Picture courtesy of Veg Out

The coffee at Veg Out is also vegan, and their cafe lattes are particularly adorable. Pictured above is a soy latte, which will taste delicious with your meal for a great start to the day.

Diners can also enjoy curry, pasta, and other delicious choices during other times of the day. For lunch, dinner, and snack options, refer to the official website. English support is available, and the restaurant is welcoming to international travelers.

Veg Out

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Organic House Salute - Beautiful Lunch Sets and Vegetable Sushi by Kyoto Station

organic house salute kyoto

Organic House Salute is a vegan restaurant located on a side street, just north of Kyoto Station. Its convenient but slightly-hidden location makes it an ideal spot to relax in between a day of sightseeing in Kyoto. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes made with high-quality, local ingredients, from brown rice meal sets to vegan sushi and burgers.

salute hamburger set kyoto

Pictured above is the Salute Burger Plate, which comes with a delicious plant-based fish cutlet inside fresh buns, salad, a side dish, and soup of the day. It is a filling choice, balanced well with the seasonal vegetables that come with it.

salute vegan sushi

Another option is ordering vegan sushi. It comes in all types of colors and varieties, including rolls with tofu and vegan cheese. You will be able to sample some memorable and inspiring vegan-friendly dishes.

salute vegan kyoto

The inside of the restaurant, which is located in a traditional Kyoto machiya home, has counter seats, table seats, and also a traditional low table where diners sit on cushions. Every corner is filled with books or other charming decorations, making it easy to enjoy a leisurely meal or teatime. The menu contains gorgeous illustrations of each dish, so those without Japanese proficiency can order by simply pointing.

Please note Organic House Salute is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (information current as of December 2019).

Organic house Salute

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Towzen - Custom-Order Soymilk Ramen with Kyoto Ingredients


Picture from Vegetarian And Vegan Kyoto Ramen - Towzen's Traditional And Creative Cuisine

Towzen is a restaurant located in a quiet residential area of Kyoto, popular for its flavorful soymilk ramen and side dishes. The menu is entirely vegan with high-quality, nutrition-filled, rare ingredients, like chlorella. It is an excellent restaurant for anyone looking to try one-of-a-kind ramen.

towzen, kyoto

Picture from Vegetarian And Vegan Kyoto Ramen - Towzen's Traditional And Creative Cuisine

Pictured above is the Musashi ramen, topped with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables, with a scoop of chlorella, tinting it green naturally.

towzen kyoto

Picture from Vegetarian And Vegan Kyoto Ramen - Towzen's Traditional And Creative Cuisine

A yuba (tofu skin) rice bowl, which is a delicacy in Kyoto, was ordered for the side. Diners can also order side dishes separately, or just order a bowl of ramen.

towzen ice cream

Gluten-free cakes are available, and Towzen also serves restaurant-made ice cream in flavors like black sesame, vanilla, and even chlorella. Towzen is an intimate, quiet restaurant ideal for those looking to take a break from the crowds. The menu is available in English, and some of the staff can speak English as well.


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Mimikou - Try Curry Udon, a Hearty, Local Favorite


Mimikou is a specialty udon noodle restaurant famous for its Kyoto-style curry udon. Located close to Gion and Higashiyama, near Kodaiji Temple, this is a convenient place to try this local dish, usually made with non-vegetarian ingredients.

Pictured above is the Kitsune Curry Udon with Vegetable Tempura, a curry udon soup topped with slightly sweet fried tofu and tempura. It comes in a large bowl. Usually, you use the spoon for the soup and the chopsticks for the noodles. The curry is mild but full of flavor, pairing deliciously with the thick udon noodles. You can change the spice level and thickness of the udon when you order.

sansho mimikou

For diners craving extra spice, add in shichimi and sansho peppers, which are famous in Kyoto. Pictured above is Mimikou's blend of spices for more heat (available for purchase and take home by the front cash register).

The English menu has clear labeling of which options are vegan-friendly. The staff can offer English support as well. They are happy to answer any questions. There are two floors: the first is counter seating, ideal for single diners, and the second floor has tables.

Please note that Mimikou is a very famous udon restaurant, so you may have to wait in line during peak meal times (around noon). However, the final dish is worth being patient.


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Ippuku Cafe - Relax with Vegan and Gluten-Free Matcha Cake, Coffee, and More

ippuku cafe kyoto

Kyoto is regarded as the capital of matcha and traditional-style sweets in Japan, with its hundreds of cafes and confectioneries. Ippuku Cafe is a cafe where you can sample these mouthwatering treats completely vegan, gluten-free, and made without additives and white sugar. It is tucked away on a side street of Shinkyogoku Shopping Mall, close to Nishiki Market.

ippuku cafe

The dessert menu (English available) features cakes, which taste great with a cup of organic coffee. Shown above is a matcha chiffon cake, covered with matcha sauce, paired with matcha cream and azuki beans. The cake is light but satisfying and is a must-try for any tea lover. It contains the right amount of sweetness and will leave you feeling happy about your order.

vegan matcha cake kyoto

Desserts and drinks here come on kyoyaki, traditional ceramic famous in the Kyoto area. Admire the mugs and cups and quietly take in the charming atmosphere of the cafe before leaving for more Kyoto adventures.

Ippuku Cafe

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Enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Kyoto

Kyoto is known for its temples, shrines, and traditional culture. Visitors can even enjoy this with all five senses, including taste and smell, as the ancient capital is also renowned for its cuisine. Accommodating to vegetarian or vegan diets, we hope that all visitors can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine with plenty of vegetables and a colorful display.

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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