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Dress Like Your Favorite Character At Disney Resorts This Halloween!

Dress Like Your Favorite Character At Disney Resorts This Halloween!

Translated by Andrew J Tinkler

Written by Kana Takezawa

Chiba 2017.10.25 Bookmark

At the popular Tokyo Disney Resort's event Disney Halloween, people can become their favorite characters. This time we will introduce some of the costumes worn by guests we saw at Tokyo Disney Land.

Enjoy Your Time in Costume! Disney Halloween

At Tokyo Disney Resort, you can see many guests wearing their favorite Disney characters’ headbands, hats, etc. while enjoying the park. This takes place especially during the popular Disney Resort event Disney Halloween, where more and more guests dress up in their favorite Disney characters’ costumes each year. This time we will introduce guests dressed up in a number of different Disney costumes!

Princesses! The Number One Costume for Girls?!

disney princess

The first group we come across is a group of girls clad in the dresses of everyone’s favorite Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella and Belle. These brilliant, vividly-colored dresses look just like the real thing.

Many Disney princesses, with costumes bursting with individuality, can be seen walking around inside the park. It seems like the dream of many little girls is to grow up to be like their favorite princess, and the Disney Resort is the place where that dream can come true for many of these girls.

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