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Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum, Akita: The History Of Slam Dunk

Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum, Akita: The History Of Slam Dunk

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Chien

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Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue is a popular comic that caused a basketball boom. Fans of basketball go to Akita to visit the Noshiro Basketball Museum where many goods, books, and comics are displayed alongside goods of former NBA player Yuta Tabuse.

Slam Dunk: the Root of Japan's Basketball Boom

“Slam Dunk”, Japanese comic artist Takehiko Inoue’s most representative work, is a popular comic not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is no exaggeration to say that basketball became a popular sport in Japan because of “Slam Dunk”.

The main setting of “Slam Dunk” takes place near the Shonan Coast. Many fans visit this “holy land”, but fans of the central part of the comics, basketball, also like to visit the Akita Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum in Akita prefecture.
Several basketball-related goods, books, and comics are displayed here alongside items belonging to Yuta Tabuse, Japan’s first ever NBA player. Let’s visit Noshiro in Akita and look back on the dreams of basketball that we had in our youth!

Akita Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum: Retracing Slam Dunk


If you’re a fan of “Slam Dunk”, then you’ll probably know about the Sanno Industry that appears in the comics.

Noshiro Technical High School is the actual school that was the model for Sanno Industry. Not only are their uniforms similar, but both Noshiro Technical High School and Sanno Industry High School are champions in the basketball world with numerous records of their glory.

能代籃球博物館 灌籃高手作者井上雄彥簽名

Mr. Takehiko Inoue, the creator of “Slam Dunk”, repeatedly visited Noshiro Tech to interview them. Original “Slam Dunk” drawings, magazines related to the series, and autographs that have been left by Mr. Inoue are displayed in this museum.

能代籃球博物館 灌籃高手

Even without knowing Japanese, you’ll surely recall the memories of your youth by flipping through the pages of the series on display.

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