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Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum, Akita: The History Of Slam Dunk

Noshiro Basketball Library & Museum, Akita: The History Of Slam Dunk

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Chien

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Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue is a popular comic that caused a basketball boom. Fans of basketball go to Akita to visit the Noshiro Basketball Museum where many goods, books, and comics are displayed alongside goods of former NBA player Yuta Tabuse.

6 Corners Chock-full of Memorabilia

能代籃球博物館 現實中的灌籃高手

The corners consist of the six listed below.

1. Akita Northern Happinets (*1) Corner
2. Noshiro Technical High School Corner
3. Valuable Basketball Materials Corner
4. Materials Related to Basketball Overseas (NBA, etc.) Corner
5. Planning Exhibition Corner
6. Basketball Shooting Games Corner

Though the facility is a “museum”, the size of the building is about the same as that of a private Japanese home, which isn’t that large. However, there is no need to worry. Basketball lovers will definitely be satisfied by a trip here!

*1 Akita Northern Happinets: a professional basketball team based in Akita.

Yuta Tabuse: The Person That Surpassed Slam Dunk

能代籃球博物館 能代代表選手

You can also find goods related to super players that took off in their career from Noshiro Tech in the museum’s Noshiro Technical High School Corner. There are also items related to Yuta Tabuse, the first Japanese person to make it to the NBA, in this corner.

能代籃球博物館 田臥勇太史蹟

Yuta Tabuse, nicknamed the Michael Jordan of Japan, is from Kanagawa prefecture, but studied basketball at the prestigious Noshiro Technical High School. He acquired numerous titles in the three years that he was enrolled at the school.

It is here that the certificates that Tabuse won and his photos are displayed. You can also take a look at Tabuse during his high school days in his graduation album.


Mr. Ono, who described his history to us, was an underclassman of Tabuse’s. We were told that Tabuse’s prowess was widely acknowledged at school even in those days.

He not only accomplished the achievement of nine successive wins for the first time ever in the history of high school basketball, but he only lost a game once in his entire high school career. He attracted attention as a future super player in the basketball world.

He then became the first Japanese person to stand on the courts of the NBA. Mr. Inoue saw Tabuse’s splendid performance and stated, “He has already surpassed the legends shown in ‘Slam Dunk’.”

能代籃球博物館 田臥勇太相關物品

Inside the museum are basketball shoes with the “NOSHIRO” design on them. This was a design that was especially created by NIKE for Noshiro Technical High School and is said to be an item that commemorated their 56th consecutive victory.

Walk Through a Basketball Town!

能代籃球博物館 能代籃球小鎮

You will be able to find basketball images everywhere you go when you walk along the streets of Noshiro. There are basketball illustrations on the walls of street corners and the shutters of shops. Locals also observe and cheer at the basketball games regardless of age and gender.

Play a Basketball Game Before Leaving!


A basketball hoop is installed inside Noshiro Station and you can receive a present if you’re successful in making a shot. Definitely please take a shot at it if you’re confident in your throw!

Noshiro Basketball Library and Museum

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* This article was translated and revised from an article originally in Chinese.

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