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Enjoy A Retro Kobe Vibe At The Artsy Yume Nomad Hotel!

Enjoy A Retro Kobe Vibe At The Artsy Yume Nomad Hotel!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Osawa Kumi

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Stay at Yume Nomad, a hostel located In Kobe's traditional working-class district of Shinkaichi, and you can experience the city of Kobe as it was in the past.

Yume Nomad, A Very Unique Kobe Hostel

Kobe has a chic reputation for places like the Ijinkan, as well as its many sweets. However, it also contains places that retain plenty of the city’s traditional working-class atmosphere, and one of the places that best represents this vibe is Shinkaichi, once favorably compared with Asakusa in eastern Japan. This time, we will introduce Yume Nomad, a unique hostel in this previously bustling district. “Yume” means “dream,” and combined with the word “nomad,” the hostel is meant to serve as something of an oasis for travelers with dreams.

Yume Nomad is 10 minutes away from JR Kobe Station on foot; alternately, it is two minutes away from either Hanshin/Hankyu Shinkaichi Station or the Minatogawa-Koen subway stop. The hostel is located atop a flight of stairs leading up from the sidewalk. In Yume Nomad’s retro-feeling entryway, the hostel’s symbol, an origami crane, is depicted. As migratory birds, cranes are like travelers, which is apparently why they were made into Yume Nomad’s symbol.

The entryway has a very handcrafted feeling to it. Take off your shoes, change into slippers, and check in. You can store your valuables in the key lockers to the left.

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