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IMU HOTEL KYOTO - A Kyoto Lodging With Great Amenities

IMU HOTEL KYOTO - A Kyoto Lodging With Great Amenities

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Written by Rina N

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IMU HOTEL KYOTO is a hotel near Shijo-Karasuma in central Kyoto, known for its excellent amenities and service. From rental smartphones to original Kyoto travel guides, to a vegan-friendly menu, the hotel provides a host of features to enhance your stay in the ancient capital.

IMU HOTEL KYOTO - For a Fulfilling Kyoto Stay

IMU HOTEL KYOTO (here on referred to as IMU HOTEL) was founded on the concepts of enjoying your travels and making new friends.

From the cafe-bar communal space to original travel guides, IMU HOTEL is full of amenities that will enhance your stay, whether you are solo or in a group. We interviewed the chef, Mr. Kataoka, and the manager, Mr. Ikeyama, to learn more about this Kyoto accommodation.

Vegan-Friendly Menu! IMU HOTEL Cafe & Bar


IMU HOTEL is a seven-minute walk away from Kyoto's Shijo-Karasuma shopping district and five minutes from Kyoto Municipal Shijo Station. Its proximity to the station makes it very convenient for sightseeing. A fifteen-minute walk will take you to Nishiki Market, known as Kyoto's Kitchen, where you can snack on delicious street food.

After being welcomed by the natural sunlight in the entrance, you will notice beautiful tables and a tiled bar counter. Breakfast is served here in the morning. Later in the day the space is a cafe, and at night, it is transformed into a bar.


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO
"Most of the menu items are made in-house. I prepare each dish as if I were welcoming a friend into my own home," explains Mr. Kataoka. Though quite rare in Japan, the cafe also has a vegan menu.

"It all started when we had a guest who requested a vegan dish. Since I wanted our guest to enjoy a uniquely Japanese meal, I spent much time and effort to create a new menu."


Vegan eel. Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO

IMU HOTEL's vegan menu features a host of Japanese flavors such as chazuke (*1) and nimono (*2). One dish is the vegan eel, which is made of tofu, served hitsumabushi (*3) style, on rice, with seaweed. This filling dish is popular among the guests.


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO
At night, when the space turns into a bar, you will often see guests engaging in lively conversation. You can also enjoy a quiet meal at one of the window seats.

Events are held here, as well. It is a great place to meet new people from diverse countries.

*1: Chazuke: a popular Japanese dish made by pouring tea over a bowl of rice topped with ingredients.
*2: Nimono: a simple dish of cut vegetables and other ingredients simmered in a flavored broth.
*3: Hitsumabushi: a rice bowl topped with eel served in a hitsu box.

Rental Phones and Other Services to Enhance Your Trip


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO
IMU HOTEL finds creative ways to help guests enjoy their time in Kyoto. The free rental phone, handy, is one such example. Included with each room, handy can be used to look up local information and directions to your destination.

You can also always approach one of the staff with any questions.

"If you ever have trouble deciding what to do, feel free to ask me or one of the employees," says Mr. Ikeyama. Mr. Ikeyama has experience working as a taxi driver for one of Kyoto's most well-known taxi companies, and can speak basic English. With his extensive knowledge of the local area, he can happily offer information and directions to guests.


Copies of hotel original, staff-curated travel guides are in the lobby. Written in English and Japanese, the guides suggest hidden locations and restaurants popular with locals.


If you scan the QR code next to a store, your phone will give you directions from IMU HOTEL, which is very helpful for those unfamiliar with Japanese.

"The employees here suggested that we make our own travel guides. We make it a point to implement ideas from our staff members," comments Mr. Ikeyama. This willingness to try new things and to meet the guests' needs make the hotel a popular accommodation.

Rooms for Solo Travelers, Friends, and Families


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL
The guest rooms are located on the second through fifth floors. Room types range from bunk beds, twin beds, and double beds for one or two guests, to larger tatami rooms for four guests. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, with a significant other, or with family, there is a room for you.

Each room has a simple, modern aesthetic. Wood is incorporated within the design, giving each space a warm atmosphere.


Picture courtesy of IMU HOTEL KYOTO
The bathroom, shower, and sink are all kept exceptionally clean. A washer and dryer make longer stays possible, as well.

Enjoy a Rich Stay in a Rich City

At IMU HOTEL, you can connect with new people at the cafe and bar and ask the staff for local restaurant recommendations. The amenities offered all serve to enrich your stay in Kyoto.

"We want to keep trying new things as we interact with our guests and listen to our employees," comments Mr. Kataoka.

IMU HOTEL strives for innovation each day. We are confident you will have a memorable stay here!


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