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How To Drink Hoppy - A Traditional Japanese Flavor

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Have you ever heard of Hoppy? It's a drink made exclusively for the purpose of being mixed with sake or other types of alcohol, but it is also delicious straight. In this article, we will teach you how to drink Hoppy the intended way.

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Have you ever heard of Hoppy? Even among Japanese people, there might be some who have not heard of this drink.
Hoppy is a drink made exclusively for the purpose of being mixed with sake. In the same way that soda is mixed with whiskey, it is supposed to be mixed with strong liquor.

Hoppy is produced and sold by Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd (Japanese), where Hoppy is called the "Original Beer-taste Beverage". True to its name, it allows you to enjoy a completely different drink with a beer-like flavor.

Choose From White Hoppy And Black Hoppy

How To Drink Hoppy - A Traditional Japanese Flavor

There are a few types of the Hoppy products. However, most izakaya only offer one or two kinds, White Hoppy and Black Hoppy.

Normally, you'll get the White Hoppy if you just ask for a "Hoppy". Hoppy is a carbonated drink that tastes very much like beer. This doesn't mean it tastes exactly the same though. It has its own unique light flavor. Many Japanese people say they even prefer the taste of Hoppy to the one of beer.

Compared to beer, Hoppy has fewer calories and less carbohydrates, so it's also popular among people concerned about their health and weight.

Words You Want To Remember - "Naka" And "Soto"

How To Drink Hoppy - A Traditional Japanese Flavor

When you ask for a Hoppy at an izakaya, they'll bring you a bottle and glass like this. Inside the bottle is the original solution of Hoppy. In the glass is the liquor. In most cases, Hoppy is mixed with Shochu, a Japanese distilled alcohol.

At the izakaya, the Shochu is called "naka" and the Hoppy solution is called "soto", and you can order each separately (additional orders only). If you run out of the original solution, you can ask for "soto", while if you want to add some more Shochu, you can order some more "naka".

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How To Make Hoppy

How To Drink Hoppy - A Traditional Japanese Flavor

Pour the "soto" forcefully into the prepared "naka". If you pour slowly, you won't be able to create a nice foam.

Some Hoppy fans say that adding ice makes the flavor taste bland. It might be difficult at an izakaya, but if you're not going to add ice, it would be a good idea to cool the Hoppy and Shochu well before drinking. It would be ideal if you can cool your glass as well.

How To Drink Hoppy - A Traditional Japanese Flavor

After mixing both solutions your Hoppy is complete! All you have to do now is taste it!

Hoppy - An Original Taste of Japan

Hoppy is a standard drink for sake-lovers in Tokyo. Many people who don't drink alcohol also enjoy it pure. We recommend you try ordering a Hoppy next time you visit an izakaya or bar.

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