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6 Things To Enjoy At Ginza Itoya, The 100 Year Old Stationery Store

6 Things To Enjoy At Ginza Itoya, The 100 Year Old Stationery Store

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This article is about the famous stationery shop Itoya, which re-opened in June 2015, as G. Itoya. Get lost in a sea of uniquely Japanese stationery!

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by OsawaKimie

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5. Check out Beautifully Patterned Japanese Paper


The Takeo Sample Book at Itoya, on the seventh floor is a collaboration project between Takeo and Itoya. Takeo, a specialized trading firm established in 1899, carries all kinds of paper.


You can check the textures in these samples and then choose the best paper that fits your purpose. This is quite a unique project by Itoya.


In the file folders called "fluffy", you will find a wide variety of paper with sponge-like texture.


At Itoya, the customers can not only see, but also feel and experience a wide variety of paper.


You can find various kinds of wrapping paper and craft-work paper in CRAFT space on the eighth floor.


This washi paper is one of their most popular items among visitors from overseas. It is the perfect paper to wrap souvenirs from Japan with.


A beautifully patterned sheet of washi is a sight to behold.

6. Tasting Vegetables Cultivated at G. Itoya


After shopping, go to CAFE Stylo, located on the 12th floor of G. Itoya.


At CAFE Stylo, you can enjoy dishes inspired by San Francisco's food culture.


The surprising thing is that Itoya cultivates some of the vegetables used at CAFE Stylo in their "factory" on the 11th floor. Itoya promotes local consumption of local products, and this is how they deliver fresh vegetables to their customers.


You can also observe the growth of the vegetables here as well.


G. Itoya, one of the landmarks of the Ginza area, promotes well-designed items that are easy to use. Many customers visit this building knowing that they will find something wonderful here, as Itoya has established that kind of trust throughout its 100 year history. If you visit Ginza, be sure to drop by G. Itoya.

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