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See A Pink Tunnel Made Of Cherry Blossoms At Sakurazaka, Tokyo!

See A Pink Tunnel Made Of Cherry Blossoms At Sakurazaka, Tokyo!
  • See A Pink Tunnel Made Of Cherry Blossoms At Sakurazaka, Tokyo!

Translated by Greg

Written by Sawada Tomomi

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Today we'll introduce you to a famous spot in Tokyo's Denenchōfu where you can enjoy looking at the sakura cherry blossoms. It's called Sakurazaka and it has become the name of a song by famous singer-songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama.

One of the special charms of Japanese springtime is sakura, or cherry blossoms. In the spring they bloom in all parts of Japan allowing people to enjoy hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, wherever they go.

But if you're going to view cherry blossoms then you might as well go to a place where the blossoms are the most beautiful and impressive. Today we're going to recommend a place right in Tokyo where you can do just that. It's called Sakurazaka and is located in Ōta ward's Denenchōfu, an exclusive residential area. It also served as the background for a famous Japanese song, so it's a place known by everyone here in Japan.

A Springtime Pink Tunnel


Photo courtesy of: Ota ward public relations section

This is Sakurazaka ("Cherry Blossom Hill") with the sakura in full bloom.

Visitors are surrounded by cherry blossoms, and the whole sky is blanketed in pink. It's a pink tunnel!


Sakurazaka has always been known as a sightseeing place for sakura. But when male singer-songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama wrote a song about this spot, its popularity then spread to all corners of Japan.

Fans from all parts of the country visit this sacred place, not only during the spring but also throughout the whole year.

Because Sakurazaka is the name of a love song, this place has become famous as a dating spot. It has now become customary for couples to cross the red-colored bridge (Sakurabashi) that stands under the sakura, and take a photo together to remember their date by.

What could be more fitting than listening to the song "Sakurazaka" as you gaze out at the beautiful scenery? For those of you who are not familiar with singer Masaharu Fukuyama and who haven't listened to his song, we recommend listening to it once.


Photo courtesy of: Ota ward public relations section

It's not just the view of the sakura-lined street from a distance, but also the sakura that can be seen by looking up from underneath the bridge, and also the sakura that can be seen while standing on the bridge, that affords visitors a slightly different but equally impressive view. We recommend taking pictures from several different angles and locations.

Getting To Sakurabashi


The closest station is Numabe station (Tōkyū Tamagawa line). You can also walk to Sakurazaka from Tamagawa station (Tōkyū Tōyoko line).
In either case, the surrounding area is a peaceful and quiet residential district. So when visiting, please follow the local rules while enjoying the cherry blossoms.


Finding your way to Sakurazaka is really simple. From Numabe Station just go straight along the former Nakahara Kaidō street. When you see this marker post (above photo), look for the road sign and follow the street. Soon the red Sakurabashi bridge and the blossoms will come into view.

If you've made plans to come here, then how about timing your visit to coincide with the period when sakura are in full bloom? Before visiting, it's best to check the dates for when the sakura bloom and also when they're in full bloom.

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Sakura Are Not the Only Attraction!


Just as expected, the neighborhood manhole covers are decorated with a sakura design. Japanese manhole covers differ from place to place and have a design or picture that is characteristic of that region. So on your next visit to Japan, please enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms but don't forget to occasionally look down and take note of the unique manhole cover designs as well!

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Location: Tokyo, Ōta, Denenchōfu Honchō 18
Closest station: Numabe Station (Tōkyū Tamagawa line)
Access: 10 minutes on foot from Numabe station
Phone number: 03-3722-3111(Minemachi Special Branch Office)

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