How to enjoy the four seasons at Kuju Flower Park

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Kuju Flower Park is a spectacular flower park in Oita Prefecture, located at an altitude of 850m. You can enjoy not only seasonal flowers, but also beautiful stars. In this article, we will tell you how to enjoy Kuju Flower Park throughout the seasons!

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Spring: Late April to early June: Spring is here! Spring Flower Festival in the Sky!

In spring, colorful flowers come into bloom one after another.

From late April, vibrant tulips herald the arrival of spring in Kuju Highlands.

In the spring of 2024, approximately 20,000 tulips will be in full bloom.

Following the tulips, poppies, nemophila, and Livingstone daisies reach their peak one after another, and from late May to around June, the roses come into full bloom, creating a spectacular sight with a total of about 3 million flowers in bloom.

The park will also feature a spring color field filled with colorful flowers, a feature of Kuju Flower Park.

Summer: Mid-June to August

From June, you can see lavender fields, taking advantage of the highland climate despite being in Kyushu.

We also offer a lavender picking experience (300 yen per session), and many customers take the lavender they pick home and enjoy making dried flowers or potpourri.

The various hydrangeas planted throughout the park will also be in full bloom.

The farm also has a blueberry field with about 2,000 blueberry stalks (pesticide-free), where you can experience picking blueberries (500 yen per pick). Many visitors take home the pesticide-free blueberries and make jam from them.

The sunflowers are in full bloom around August.

Autumn: September to November: Autumn Flower Festival

Autumn is the second peak season at Kuju Flower Park.

After spring, a wide variety of flowers are in full bloom.

Bright red and yellow cockscombs, begonias that grow to about 80 centimeters tall, and African marigolds the size of the palm of your hand all begin to bloom one after another.

The kochia flowers also begin to change color, painting the flower park red.

The Japanese white butterflies planted in the garden are visited by the migratory butterfly, the Monarch butterfly, which travels over 1,000 km across the sea, and many visitors come to take photos of them.

A flower area that can be enjoyed throughout the year

The garden includes the Antilles greenhouse where you can enjoy begonias, fuchsias, succulents, and other plants throughout the year.

In addition, with careful pruning, you can enjoy a wide variety of roses in the rose garden area from spring to autumn.

In addition, Kuju Garden has seasonal flower arrangements, so you can enjoy a variety of flowers regardless of the season.

Glamping with the Stars

Kuju Plateau (850m above sea level), where Kuju Flower Park is located, is a plateau that has been selected as one of the 10 most beautiful starry skies in Japan.

There is a glamping zone within Kuju Flower Park, where you can luxuriously enjoy a beautiful starry sky and delicious food while surrounded by flowers.

Please enjoy this experience that can only be had at Kuju Flower Park.

Book your glamping here


There are eight restaurants and four souvenir shops in Kuju Flower Park.

There are a variety of restaurants, from cafes and Italian restaurants to yakiniku and light meal establishments, making it the perfect place to take a break and fill your stomach when you're tired from walking.

You can also enjoy shopping at the variety stores that sell items you can only find here, as well as souvenirs from Oita and Kyushu.


What did you think?

At Kuju Flower Park, you can not only enjoy flowers of all seasons, but also enjoy starry skies, glamping, dining, and shopping.

You can check the annual flowering schedule and the current flowering conditions on the official Kuju Flower Park website or Instagram.

I hope you will read this article and find it even a little interesting.

We look forward to your visit.

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Kuju Flower Park is located in Aso Kuju National Park, where you can enjoy 500 varieties and 5 million flowers throughout the year. At an altitude of 850m and covering an area of ​​225,000㎡, the vast park offers not only seasonal flowers but also the majestic mountain scenery. You can also enjoy the beautiful starry sky at night, so you can enjoy the flowers and stars from day to night. There are various hot spring resorts nearby, so after enjoying the flowers, you can visit the wonderful hot springs and heal your mind and body. In addition, the ruins of Oka Castle, a nationally designated historic site said to be an impregnable castle, and the castle town are nearby, making it an area where you can experience history and culture. After experiencing the seasonal flowers and majestic nature at Kuju Flower Park, you can visit hot springs in the surrounding area, experience history, culture, and rich food.

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