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100 Phrases To Memorize Before Traveling To Japan
  • 100 Phrases To Memorize Before Traveling To Japan

100 Phrases To Memorize Before Traveling To Japan

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Want to help you trip to Japan go smoothly? Here are 100 useful expressions covering major topics like shopping, restaurants and emergencies to help you along in most situations.

Written by Miki Takeshita

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7. When in Trouble

盗まれた NUSUMARETA (Nu-sue-ma-re-tah)
My belongings have been stolen.

なくした NAKUSHITA (Na-ku-she-tah)
I’ve lost my belongings.

たすけて TASUKETE (Ta-sue-ke-te)

交番 KOUBAN (Koh-ban)
Police station

警察 KEISATSU (Kei-sa-tsu)

110 HYAKUTOBAN (Hya-ku-to-ban)

If you want to ask people to call for the police, tell them “HYAKUTOBAN”. Or push 1-1-0 on your mobile phone or public telephone nearby. Emergency calls on public phones are free.

きもちわるい KIMOCHIWARUI (Ki-mo-chi-wa-ru-i)
I’m feeling sick.

怪我した KEGASHITA (Ke-ga-she-ta)
I’m injured.

救急車 KYUKYUSYA (Kyu-kyu-sya)

119 HYAKUJUKYUBAN (Hya-ku-zyu-kyu-ban)

The Japanese 911, this number will call for an ambulance or fire services. When using certain SIM cards, you might not be able use such emergency calls. Ask for help around you.

大使館 TAISHIKAN (Tai-she-kan)
The embassy

Many embassies are located in the Roppongi area, but make sure you know where yours is in advance.

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