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Chagohan Tokyo – A Japanese Culinary Experience in Nishi-Asakusa

Chagohan Tokyo – A Japanese Culinary Experience in Nishi-Asakusa

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Ai

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At Chagohan Tokyo, you are taught how to make Japanese cuisine using ingredients that do not contain additives. Recipes in Japanese or English are also given to you so that you can make these dishes at home even after your trip!

Would you like to learn how to make Japanese dishes? Japanese culinary experiences using ingredients that do not contain any additives or MSG are regularly held at Chagohan Tokyo. Original recipes printed in English or Japanese are also included in the experience, which means that you can readily make dishes you have learned here at home after returning from your trip. It’s a great incentive to learn how to make these dishes as the experience doesn’t end after you've left Japan.

Let's learn more about Chagohan Tokyo, a place where you can have a special Japanese culinary experience.

Hospitality Unique to Chagohan Tokyo

Chagohan Tokyo – A Japanese Culinary Experience in Nishi-Asakusa

Chagohan Tokyo is located in the Kappabashi area of Asakusa. It is a popular spot where both Japanese people and overseas tourists can enjoy from Japanese culinary experiences, sake tasting experiences, to even a tour around the Kitchen Town of Kappabashi.

The concept of the store is to “share and spread the beauty and culture of Japanese cuisine and tea both domestically and overseas!” Kitchen utensils and the ingredients that are used in preparing the dishes here are sold in stores on the Kappabashi Dogu Street located nearby, and is a perfect place for those who think, “I want to make real Japanese food even after going back to my country!”

One charm of Chagohan Tokyo is that in the facility where the Japanese culinary experiences take place, you can experience making dashi stock from scratch and cook dishes without any additives. Staff members will ask beforehand whether or not there are any foods that participants cannot eat due to religious beliefs or allergies and determine the best ingredients to use based on the participants’ answers.

This indicates that careful consideration is taken toward each individual participant.

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