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Become An Artist! Baitoru Presents TeamLab Jungle And Future Park
  • Become An Artist! Baitoru Presents TeamLab Jungle And Future Park

Become An Artist! Baitoru Presents TeamLab Jungle And Future Park

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teamLab's interactive exhibition for children titled "Jungle and Future Park", only available in Japan, is held from Friday 28 July to Sunday 10 September at Hikarie in Shibuya. We explain here the highlights of the exhibition and how to purchase tickets!

Translated by Mariko Satoh

Written by Riko Koyanagi

It can be exhausting to be outdoors during the summer months in Japan, with rain, humidity, and the intense heat. Our suggestion is to take part in an indoor event to stay away from that uncomfortable weather.

Baitoru presents Learn and Play! Future Park is an exhibition taking place in Hikarie, Shibuya, from Friday, July 28th to Sunday, September 10th. Here, all visitors can enjoy art together.

This event is sponsored by teamLab, a Japanese group of professionals with backgrounds in various fields of digital art. Using effects such as light, sound, and pictures, they hold beautiful and enjoyable exhibitions in various countries, such as the U.S., Canada, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

So, what is waiting for us in the room?

Forests and Animals Appear in Shibuya!?

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

"Life is the Light that Resonates in the Dark" is a space right next to the entrance which shows a forest inhabited by animals. In the dark, dream-like visuals of the forest spread across the entire wall. Each time a person comes in, you will see the trees grow and more animals appearing.

teamLab Jungle

Stroke an animal, and it will cry and start shining beautifully! It is as if he is pleased with your visit. The view you will see here changes depending on the color of the shining animal and the timing. One of the attractions of this event is that visitors can enjoy every moment.

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