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Become An Artist! Baitoru Presents TeamLab Jungle And Future Park

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teamLab's interactive exhibition for children titled "Jungle and Future Park", only available in Japan, is held from Friday 28 July to Sunday 10 September at Hikarie in Shibuya. We explain here the highlights of the exhibition and how to purchase tickets!

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It can be exhausting to be outdoors during the summer months in Japan, with rain, humidity, and intense heat. Our suggestion is to take part in an indoor event to stay away from that uncomfortable weather.

Baitoru presents Learn and Play! Future Park is an exhibition taking place in Hikarie, Shibuya, from Friday, July 28th to Sunday, September 10th. Here, all visitors can enjoy art together.

This event is sponsored by teamLab, a Japanese group of professionals with backgrounds in various fields of digital art. Using effects such as light, sound, and pictures, they hold beautiful and enjoyable exhibitions in various countries, such as the U.S., Canada, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

So, what is waiting for us in the room?

Forests and Animals Appear in Shibuya!?

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

"Life is the Light that Resonates in the Dark" is a space right next to the entrance which shows a forest inhabited by animals. In the dark, dream-like visuals of the forest spread across the entire wall. Each time a person comes in, you will see the trees grow and more animals appearing.

teamLab Jungle

Stroke an animal, and it will cry and start shining beautifully! It is as if he is pleased with your visit. The view you will see here changes depending on the color of the shining animal and the timing. One of the attractions of this event is that visitors can enjoy every moment.

All Visitors Are Artists! Enjoy the Interactve Music Festival "teamLab Jungle"

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

In this event, you can take part in an interactive music festival where light and music merge together.

They have different programs depending on the hours. Kids Noon is a program during the daytime which both parents and children can enjoy. Art Night is the evening program mainly designed for adults, and it can be fun for a date. Kids Noon last for 50 minutes and Art Night for 60 minutes.

teamLab Jungle

In this event, you can experience art made up of multiple lights and music. You will encounter many beautiful scenes such as line of light gathering and making up a ceiling, which makes you feel like you are inside a room of light, or the entire space shining like an aurora.

In some of the exhibits, the colors of the lights change or make a sound as you touch them. With other visitors, why don't you create a scene that can never be revisited?

Learn and Play! Future Park: Make Art with Body Movements

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

Learn and Play! Future Park, an amusement park of light that can be enjoyed by both parents and children, is located in the back. Your drawings here will start moving. You can see views of the town made by building blocks, as seen from the sky. Just like this, you can experience a whole new world made by objects and technology.

In the park, there is an exhibit Graffiti Nature – Mountain and Valley. Visitors can draw something on the paper and scan it, and the drawing will be projected in the room and start moving by itself.

teamLab Jungle

Draw an animal with crayons. Don't worry if you are not good at it. On a piece of paper, outlines of either a butterfly, frog, lizard, or crocodile are drawn so all you have to do is to color them with crayons and you are done!

When you finish, call on one of the staff members and they will scan the drawing for you.

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

After the scan is completed, your drawing will be part of the room of light where other creatures are moving. It may be difficult to find it since there are many of them. But don't miss them - this place works the same as in the real ecological system, which means that your animal might be eaten by other creatures!

Entrance Turning Into a Bar at Night

teamLab Jungle

Image courtesy of teamLab

The exhibit near the entrance, Life is the Light that Resonates in the Dark, turns into RAIZIN BAR during the evenings (after 19:00 on weekdays, after 17:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Not only beer and non-alcoholic drinks but also original cocktails made with RAIZIN, a nutrient drink popular in Japan, are served. All original beverages are 500 yen with tax.

How to Get There and How to Purchase Tickets

teamLab Jungle

The venue, Shibuya Hikarie, is directly connected to Exit 15 of Shibuya station of the subway. When using the JR line or other modes of transportation, walk toward Miyamasuzaka and find the roofed hallway connected to Shibuya Hikarie. The hallway starts from the second floor of JR central gate, so you can get there without worrying about rain.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue for 2200 yen (with tax) for adults, 1200 yen (with tax) for children. Online purchases are available as well. We recommend that you get them in advance since you may have to line up for same-day tickets.

Why not come and create some art which can only be enjoyed at that specific moment?

With the cooperation of teamLab

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