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teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM: Plunge Into a Dreamy Art World in Toyosu

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teamLab Planets TOKYO is a one-of-a-kind art facility in Toyosu. The seven sensory-filled artworks here lead visitors into an artistic world accented with lights, water, and sound. Learn what you can experience at Planets, tips on how to enjoy it, how to get there, and how to buy tickets.

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teamLab Planets TOKYO: Immerse Yourself in Art with Light, Sound, and Water

teamLab Planets TOKYO, a museum in Toyosu, Tokyo, is full of immersive exhibits inviting visitors to explore a world of art through sight, touch, and sound. Made by teamLab, the art collective behind teamLab Borderless and other internationally-renowned exhibitions, Planets has seven art installations. The distinct, unique artwork here is sensory-based, closing the gap between art and viewer.

teamLab Planets TOKYO - Plunge Into A Dreamy Art World In Toyosu

teamLab "The Infinite Crystal Universe" ©teamLab

Planets opened in the summer of 2018; the art installations were partially renewed in the summer of 2023. The museum will operate until 2027.

teamLab Planets TOKYO has been awarded the distinction "Asia's Leading Tourist Attraction 2023" and is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the captivating fusion of technology and art by teamLab. Read to learn about some of the exhibits, tips for having a great visit, and ticket and access information.

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1. Marvel at The Infinite Crystal Universe

teamLab Planets

teamLab, The Infinite Crystal Universe, 2015-2019, Interactive Installation of Light Sculpture, LED, Endless Sound: teamLab.©teamLab
One of the best known pieces at Planets is "The Infinite Crystal Universe," a space filled with changing lights and colors you can explore. The reflective surfaces are stunning, making visitors feel like they are wandering through a never-ending chasm of space crystals.

teamLab Planets

You can use the teamLab Exhibition App to interact with the artwork for even more fun. Use the application to create different waves of colors and patterns to display in the room. Your actions will interact and coincide with what other guests do. Your creations will overlap, creating a unique doubling effect.

2. Interact with Rainbow-Hued Flora, Fauna, and Water

teamLab Planets

teamLab, Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - Infinity, 2016-2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi ©teamLab
"Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - Infinity" is a water-based artwork with brightly colored, interactive koi and flowers. Visitors wade through calf-length to knee-deep water while being surrounded by swimming fish and floating flowers on the surface of the water. The flowers change according to the season.

The adorable fish swim on a path that is unique and responds to the presence of visitors: the scene you see during your visit happen only once.

The fish will try to avoid visitors, but if you run into them, they will burst and turn into flowers.

teamLab Planets

In addition to the main exhibit, there is a room off to the side where you can see "Cold Life," a piece that fuses Japanese calligraphy and natural life. "Cold Life" was made to convey the unbreakable link between nature and human civilization, and the good and bad that results from it. The colors and animation blend to create a very relaxing experience. The reflection on the water is stunning, too.

Be sure to take your time in this area to experience these compelling works with gorgeous visuals and gentle water.

3. Lie Back and Stare Up at Floating Flowers

teamLab Planets

teamLab, Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers, 2016-2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi ©teamLab
"Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers" allows visitors to appreciate art inspired by nature and the seasons. Sit down or lay down in this large spherical space. The vividly colored falling flowers, which blossom and wither as time passes, in the sky above and below you will make you feel like you're suspended mid-air in an alternate reality.

teamLab Planets

The teamLab Exhibition App can be used to add butterflies in this room. The visuals here are also programmed to be unique, so each scene changes depending on the time and visitors' actions on the smartphone application.

4. Play with Transforming, Color-Changing Spheres

teamLab Planets

teamLab, Expanding Three-dimensional Existence in Intentionally Transforming Space-Free Floating, 12Colors, 2018, Interactive Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi ©teamLab
Light-filled spheres of different hues create a maze-like space for "Expanding Three-Dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - Free Floating, Flattening 3 Colors and 9 Blurred Colors." Visitors experience this area by physically moving the spheres with a light touch. The spheres change color when physically contacted.

teamLab Planets

The twelve colors of the spheres include hues representing those found in nature in Japan, from underwater blues to sunset and floral tones. The soft colors and moving spheres will feel like you are in a dream.

5. Relax in a Black Hole

teamLab Planets

teamLab, Soft Black Hole-Your Body Becomes a Space that Influences Another Body, 2016 ©teamLab
"Soft Black Hole - Your Body Becomes a Space that Influences Another Body" is an exhibit where visitors trek through a black hole-like room with pillow-soft hills and valleys. Your feet will sink into the cushy ground with each step, making you aware of your every movement and other visitors' positions. Take your time exploring this surreal space.

teamLab Planets

teamLab, Soft Black Hole-Your Body Becomes a Space that Influences Another Body, 2016 ©teamLab
If you fall down, your body will be greeted by an incredibly comfortable, soft surface. Lay back and enjoy the serenity.

Enjoy a Meal after Planets

teamLab Planets

photography by nacasa & partners
Restaurants and food are located right next to the museum, making Planets an ideal spot to spend an afternoon or evening.

The Bowl Steakhouse is a restaurant open for lunch and dinner (pictured above). The restaurant serves steak, salads, and even fresh seafood from the nearby Toyosu Market.

For a casual option, try Everything is in your hand, a food stand in front of the exhibition entrance. The food here is portable, so you can eat while standing or while in line.

There are not many restaurant options nearby besides these two facilities, so be sure to eat something here if you don't have other meal plans.

Tip for Enjoying Planets

teamLab Planets

Planets has seven different exhibits that can be enjoyed leisurely. Plan to spend around two hours at the museum. Allow for more time on the weekends and public holidays, as it may be crowded.

Depending on the time of day and season, you may have to wait in line before entering the venue. A recommended time to visit is during the evening on weekdays when relatively few people visit.

Use Free WiFi to Interact with Exhibits and Share Photos

The museum offers free WiFi. Visitors are encouraged to download the teamLab Exhibition App, which can be used with a portion of the exhibits mentioned above. In addition, as photography is allowed at all the exhibits, so you can share your experiences easily. Take lots of pictures while enjoying each exhibit.

What to Wear

teamLab Planets has a locker area, where visitors will take off their socks and shoes, and store any bags and belongings in. Due to the water, wear clothing that can be rolled up to above your knees or is easily adjustable. The water is kept at a pleasant, moderate temperature.

Also, due to the reflective nature of the floors and certain exhibits, it is recommended to wear shorts underneath if you are wearing a skirt or a dress. There are shorts that you can rent (free of charge) at the venue as well.

Purchasing Tickets and Getting to Planets

teamLab Planets TOKYO - A Dream World Of Art And Sensory Experiences

Picture courtesy of teamLab
Tickets can be bought in advance online via the official teamLab Planets website. International cards are accepted as payment so that you can make your plans ahead of time.

Another option is purchasing tickets through Klook.

Visitors can also obtain tickets on the day they want to enter from automated ticket machines at the venue, but tickets may be sold out depending on the day and time.

Admission prices are as follows:
Adults (18 years and above) 3,800 yen
Junior high school / high school students 2,300 yen
Children (ages 4-12) 1,300 yen
Under 3 years of age: Free
Disability discount: 1,900 yen
*Prices are current as of September 2023.

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teamLab Planets is located in Tokyo's Toyosu area, in between Ginza and Odaiba. To get there via train, ride the Yurikamome Line from Shinbashi Station for around 30 minutes, and get off at Shin-Toyosu.

Another convenient option to access Planets is riding the bus. From the Ginza Yonchome bus stop, just outside Ginza Station, take the Toei Bus (route 5-2) headed for Big Sight. After around 14 minutes, get off at Shin-Toyosu Station.

Get Absorbed into a One-of-a-Kind Art World

The art at Planets offers fun and excitement to all visitors, but its exhibits go beyond just lights and colors. The thoughtful concepts and immersive, interactive nature of each piece invite you to an experiential, ethereal world that makes you aware of your space, movements, and interactions with others.

Be sure to visit teamLab Planets to thrill your senses and imagination.

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