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Yanaka OSAJI Amazake And Organic Cosmetics Shop: Souvenirs For You!

Yanaka OSAJI Amazake And Organic Cosmetics Shop: Souvenirs For You!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Miho Moriya

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OSAJI, a quiet stop in Yanaka, Tokyo, is a shop that sells organic cosmetics and amazake (sweet sake). Why amazake together with skincare products? This is the outcome that OSAJI has reached after thinking about what is best for the customer’s skin.

A Cosmetic Brand That “Enriches The Mind”

OSAJI Interior

OSAJI is an organic cosmetics brand that focuses on being gentle to the skin. The first location of this specialty shop is in Yanaka, Tokyo otherwise known as the cat town of Tokyo. OSAJI’s products are characterized by the meticulous care taken in order to minimize stimulants to the skin so that even those with atopic conditions and fragile skin will be able to use their products safely.

The motive behind the development of these products was developer Mr. Masakazu Shigeta’s mother’s traffic accident. A skin disease erupted as a result of the accident. Looking at his mother, who could no longer use the cosmetics she used in the past, Mr. Shigeta began the development of “cosmetics that can be used by anyone regardless of skin type.

Shop staff also agreed with the idea of “wanting to resolve the worries that customers have about their skin so that they can enjoy themselves freely.”

The shop serves customers every day in hopes of giving them beautiful skin and enriching their minds with OSAJI products.

OSAJI Display

You can choose between four types of fragrances for many of the products. Ibuki, a staff recommendation, has a fragrance that feels as if you’re walking through the woods. Sou has a citrus-y fragrance. However, it is not a fresh and strong fragrance, but instead has a bitter, calming sensation.

Ikoi, made in the image of a flower bouquet, has a geranium-like fragrance. It has a soft smell and can be used to give a calming feeling. Of course, there is also the non-scented Muku which is made for those with atopic conditions and sensitive skin.

All products have mild stimulants and are characterized by a fragrance that will calm the mind.

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