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Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Mikako Utsunomiya


Yoroshi Cosmetics in Asakusa has a selection of cosmetics that are gentle on the skin made with Japanese ingredients. Enjoy a hakama-fitting experience with a purchase of over 1500 yen in this charming, retro shop with a 1912-like ambience!

Yoroshi Cosmetics: An Emphasis on Japanese Ingredients

Yoroshi Cosmetics, a Japanese cosmetics specialty shop, is located along the streets of Shin Nakamise in Asakusa.

The shop sells specialty cosmetics made using Japanese ingredients. Their concept, “great for the skin, fun for the spirit,” means that even your spirit will enjoy using products that are great for your skin.

They also have a great service where you can experience wearing a hakama (pant-like garment worn over your kimono) when you make a purchase over 1500 yen.

In this article, we’ll introduce the charms of Yoroshi Cosmetics, an adorable brand that is retro in appearance only.

A Taisho Japan Shop Interior

Enjoy Taisho Roman Cosmetics and a Hakama-Fitting Experience at Yoroshi Cosmetics

A distinctive culture termed Taisho Roman was developed due to the influence from Romanticism found in European art during the Taisho period.

Yoroshi Cosmetics is a cosmetics shop that dates back to that very period. The interior design of the shop has brought this atmosphere to the modern era.


Not only is the interior eye-catching, but there are also many products that are adorably packaged and attractive seasonal displays too.

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