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Take The Cherry Blossoms With You! 5 Affordable Sakura Souvenirs

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Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are a widely loved symbol of Japan. In this article, we introduce five sakura printed item categories that make great souvenirs and are available at affordable prices.

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Even though Japan offers an abundance of flowers, sakura (cherry blossoms) are so popular that they have become a national symbol. Because of this, you can find many common items in Japan that have cherry blossom prints on them. They can range from less than 100 yen all the way up to a couple of thousand yen.

In this article, we will introduce you to five budget-friendly souvenir categories decorated with the symbol of spring in Japan.

1. Kimono Items - Yukata and Geta Footwear

5 Affordable Cherry Blossom Printed Souvenirs You Can Find In Japan

Yukata, the casual version of a kimono, is a typical summer outfit but in places such as Asakusa in Tokyo, you can get to wear it at any time of the year. They exist in all varieties of colors and prints but cherry blossom prints are a very popular choice.

Depending on the design, textile and brand you choose, you might be able to purchase a yukata with a cherry blossom print for as little as 2000 yen.

Top 5 Japanese Spring Souvenirs With Cherry Blossom Prints

The obi (kimono or yukata belt) can also come with sakura prints. They are available in all the colors of the rainbow and the price range is usually very similar to the prices of the yukata in the same shop.

If you are not sure how to tie an obi or prefer convenience, we recommend pre-tied obis. They consist of two parts: the band around the waist and the pre-tied ribbon. You can simply wrap the band around your waist, tie it and then slide the hook of the pre-tied ribbon inside the obi and secure around your waist. It is quick, easy and you get a perfect ribbon every time. Pre-tied obis are priced at about 500 yen to 1000 yen higher than regular obis.

Top 5 Japanese Spring Souvenirs With Cherry Blossom Prints

You can also find the cherry blossom printed or stitched on zori (left) and geta (right). Geta are the footwear for a yukata outfit and you can find the cheapest versions from about 1000 yen. Zori are traditional footwear for kimono outfits and are a little bit more expensive than geta but if you search you can find them at prices from about 2000 yen.

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2. Accessories and Jewellery

5 Affordable Cherry Blossom Printed Souvenirs You Can Find In Japan

Hair accessories decorated with cherry blossom motifs are probably the most common item you will find. Flower hair accessories are a must-have when you wear a yukata or kimono. You can get hair ties and clips decorated with cherry blossoms at 100 yen stores which also makes them a great budget-friendly souvenir.

Top 5 Japanese Spring Souvenirs With Cherry Blossom Prints

Phone cases and jewelry decorated with the dainty pink flowers can be found at many accessory shops. They are even some accessory shops where every item is just 300 yen plus tax. These stores will most likely carry sakura items only in spring but you might be able to find one or the other item outside the season as well.

3. Bags and Umbrellas

5 Affordable Cherry Blossom Printed Souvenirs You Can Find In Japan

With a rainy season spanning over a whole month in June in July and with many rainy days in autumn too, Japan can be a quite rainy. Umbrellas in all shapes and designs are a popular item, because they help alleviate the melancholy brought in by rain. We got this Japanese style inspired umbrella above for only 1300 yen in Asakusa.

5 Affordable Cherry Blossom Printed Souvenirs You Can Find In Japan

You might wonder why we include this plain umbrella in an article about sakura items. When this umbrella gets wet, its cherry blossom print becomes visible. Doesn't this actually make you wish for rain to fall?

If you are looking for cherry blossom bags, they range from budget-friendly coin purses and tote bags for as little as 100 yen all the way to elaborate handbags, backpacks, and wallets with a higher price tag. It really depends if you are looking for a cute but low budget daily use item or something you want to use for special occasions.

4. Chopsticks, Dishes and Glassware

Top 5 Japanese Spring Souvenirs With Cherry Blossom Prints

The most common items you will find in the 100 yen store when it comes to daily use objects decorated with cherry blossoms are probably dishware and glassware items. You might be surprised to know that you can find incredibly beautiful plates, cups, and glasses with intricate designs if you check the kitchenware corner of these stores.

5. Home Decor Items and Stationery

Top 5 Japanese Spring Souvenirs With Cherry Blossom Prints

Sakura is popular design motif all year round in Japan but home decor with cherry blossom prints is something you can mainly get during the sakura season, at least at the 100 yen stores. These candle holders were 100 yen each and they really come to life when you light a candle inside. Other popular seasonal items include decorative plastic cherry blossoms, window stickers, and tablecloth.

Stationery items dress up in sakura design all year-round and they are another popular gift option to bring from Japan. With a little bit of luck, you can find some of these at 100 yen store as well.

Take Cherry Blossoms Home with You!

Today we showed you that you don't have to spend a lot of money to remember the beautiful Japanese spring with a sakura item. Legend says that cherry blossoms invite in love and happiness, so why not purchase a small variety of sakura gifts for the people you care for?

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