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Enjoy the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route! 5 day trip hot spring spots in Omachi city, Nagano prefecture!

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Introducing hot spring spots that you can enjoy on a day trip along with your tour of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route!

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Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture is a convenient base for sightseeing in the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Hakuba, the site of the Winter Olympics, Matsumoto City, home to Matsumoto Castle and Kamikochi, and Nagano City, home to Zenkoji Temple. You can also enjoy the luxurious baths at hot spring inns on a day trip.

From the Tokyo metropolitan area to JR Shinano-Omachi Station in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture

For information on how to get to Shinano-Omachi from Tokyo or Osaka, please see the article below.

You can choose based on your schedule, cost, and purpose.

From JR Shinano-Omachi Station to Omachi Onsenkyo

★ Bus

The bus stop is about 50 meters to the left after leaving Shinano-Omachi Station, and is the bus stop for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route bound for Ogizawa.

In summer, you can pay by credit card (VISA/MASTER). In winter, or when there is no staff present, you can only pay by cash on the bus.

Shinano Omachi Station → Get off at Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop. 13 minutes by local bus. Adults one-way fare is 540 yen.

Please use the Ogizawa Line bus (


・About 10 minutes from Shinano-Omachi Station. A taxi costs around 3,000 yen. (If you share a taxi, the cost per person will be even less.)

Taxis are always waiting in front of the station. If there are no taxis available during peak hours, it may be a good idea to stop by the Alps Daiichi Transportation office across the street from Shinano-Omachi Station and ask them to arrange one for you.

・Alps Daiichi Transportation TEL 0261-22-0720

・Alpico Taxi Omachi TEL 0261-23-2323

★Rent a car

Local providers are listed below. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

・Saito Motors TEL 0261-22-2295

・Auto Garage TEL 0261-23-4210

1. Omachi Onsenkyo

① Kurobe Kanko Hotel

You can enjoy a day trip to the beautiful and spacious baths at the hot spring inn.

Of all the day-trip bathing facilities in Omachi, this one has the longest opening hours. The baths for men and women are switched on a daily basis.

This is a recommended hot spring that is open from early morning until late at night and offers a wide range of amenities.


・It is a 2-3 minute walk from the Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop on the Ogizawa line.

・There is a map of Omachi Onsenkyo at the alighting point, so please check the location.

・A taxi from Shinano-Omachi Station costs around 1,500 yen.

● Day trip bathing

・5:00-10:00 (last entrance 9:00)

・12:00-23:00 (last entrance 22:00)

Adults (junior high school students and above): 900 yen; Children (ages 3-12): 700 yen

★Simple hot spring water is effective for neuralgia and gastrointestinal disorders.

This popular inn offers a buffet-style accommodation plan with 70 different options for breakfast and dinner. We also recommend staying overnight.

② Steam House Yakushi no Yu

Yukemuri Yashiki Yakushi no Yu is a facility specializing in day-trip hot springs.


2 minutes walk from Omachi Onsenkyo bus stop on the Ogizawa line.

● Day trip bathing

・10:00-21:00 (last entry at 20:30) ・Open all year round

Adults (junior high school students and above) 750 yen / Children (elementary school students) 300 yen / Preschoolers aged 3 and above 100 yen / Infants (under 3 years old) free

*Adult coupon tickets: 12 tickets for 6,500 yen (discount for 3 or more tickets)

There is also a restaurant where you can eat ramen and Kurobe Dam curry.

[Business hours: 12:00-16:00 (last order 15:30) Saturday (last order 18:30)]

2. Roadside Station Pokapoka Land Miasa

This roadside station also offers lodging, a day spa, a restaurant, and a shop. If you come during harvest season, you can also buy fresh vegetables and fruit. There is also a popular local bakery on site. (

●Please see below for transportation options.

・Only operates on weekdays: City bus Fureai-go Miasa course approx. 30 minutes (200 yen per ride)

・One taxi costs about 6,600 yen

・Limited Express Bus Raicho Liner (from Nagano Station/Omachi):

● Day trip bathing

・10:00-21:00 (last entry 20:30)

・Adults 600 yen, elementary school students 400 yen

・10-ticket set: Adults 4,000 yen / Elementary school students 2,000 yen

●Private hot spring

Private hot springs available (reservations required at least one day in advance)

2980 yen per hour 10:00-20:00 (last admission 19:00)

3. Shinshu Kanakuma Onsen Asukaso

This hot spring offers a relaxing view of the mountains from the indoor bath.

Fully equipped with accommodation, day spa, restaurant and shop.

Address: 1160 Yasaka, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture TEL: 0261-26-2301


・From Shinano-Omachi Station, take a taxi for around 4,000 yen (approximately 12 minutes).

● Day trip hot spring 10:00-20:00

・Adults 550 yen / Children 300 yen / Seniors 450 yen

・11-ride ticket: Adults 500 yen / Seniors 4000 yen

・Simple sulfur springs: Effective for recovering from muscle and joint pain, gastrointestinal function, blood pressure, autonomic nervous system, fatigue, etc.

★The hot springs here do not cool down and keep the body warm for a long time, so they are known as the "beauty baths" that are gentle on women. They are secretly loved as they are believed to bring good fortune such as finding a good partner, safe childbirth, and healthy growth of children.

They also sell the local dish, ash-baked oyaki.

It is a food made of vegetables wrapped in flour and baked in the ashes of an open hearth, which was once used to keep the body warm.

It's hard, so it's recommended for people with strong teeth. You can enjoy the simple taste of wheat flour.

4. Kudzu Onsen

This is a hidden hot spring that sits quietly on the banks of the Takase Valley. There are three hot spring inns, and they also offer day trips. The water is 90 degrees and flows directly from the source, so please be careful of the high temperature. Water is added to adjust the temperature.

①Takase Hall


・One taxi costs about 7,000 yen

● Day trip hot spring

・10:00-20:00 Adults 700 yen, Children 400 yen

★Private bath: 3,000 yen per hour (for 2 adults) Advance reservations required.

②Kajika Onsen


・Taxi: Approximately 6,500 yen per car

● Day trip hot spring

・10:00-15:00 (closes at 16:00) Adults 850 yen / Children 500 yen (ages 4 to elementary school)



・Taxi: Approximately 6,000 yen per car

● Day trip hot spring

・10:30-19:30 Adults 700 yen / Children 400 yen (Please contact us if you plan to arrive after 17:00)

★ Kudzu Onsen Mitsuke Exclusive reservation-only taxi for guests staying at the hotel

You can also relax while staying overnight. (Please make a reservation for a private taxi with your accommodation by the day before.)

You can go to Kuzu Onsen for 1,600 yen per adult.

5. Lake Kizaki Hot Springs - Yupuru Lake Kizaki

There is also a swimming pool in the same building.


・10 minutes walk from Shinano-Kizaki Station on the JR Oito Line

・Taxi: about 2200 yen

● Day trip hot spring

・Closed on Thursdays

・Business hours: 10:00-20:00 (reception until 19:30)

Adults (junior high school students and above) 700 yen, 3 years old and above 500 yen, under 3 years old free, adult coupon ticket 10 pieces 5500 yen

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Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, is a mountainous city surrounded by mountains, with an urban area as high as 700 meters above sea level, where you can still feel the culture of the time when it flourished as a post town long ago. Shinano Omachi is characterized by its impressive view of the Northern Alps from the city, proximity to magnificent nature, and the ability to walk around the historic town while feeling nature. It is a small city with a population of just under 30,000, and is often referred to by tourists as ``Shinano Omachi,'' the name of Omachi City's main station. Shinano Omachi is also at the foot of the ``Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route,'' a mountain sightseeing route where you can walk through the world-famous ``Snowy Otani in spring'' and ``Kurobe Dam Sightseeing Water Release'' in summer, and welcomes close to 1 million visitors a year. It is also a city where We also have a large number of visitors visiting the Northern Alps, a series of mountains with an altitude of 3,000m, as well as visitors enjoying water activities, camping, and saunas at Lake Aoki, Lake Nakatsuna, and Lake Kizaki in Shinano Omachi, where the water is beautiful. Masu. Shinano Omachi is located in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, with Nagano City to the east, Toyama Prefecture to the west, Matsumoto City to the south, and Hakuba Village to the north, making it even more convenient to use as a base for your travels. We want people all over the world to know about this city, which has so many charms, such as local foods such as soba, game meat, and wild vegetables that can only be found in areas close to nature, sake, local beer, and coffee made with delicious water, day-trip hot springs, and hot spring inns. I think. We would appreciate it if you could share your attractions with us by using #shinanoomachi. thank you.

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