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MARKUS: A Japanese Hand Crafted Household Goods Shop

MARKUS: A Japanese Hand Crafted Household Goods Shop

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Moeko Ide

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MARKUS is a specialty shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo with a large collection of household goods. From lacquer to chinaware, find traditional and modern items that are crafted in Japan.


MARKUS: A Japanese Hand Crafted Household Goods Shop

Traditional crafts have a long history in Japan. However, finding successors in the production of these works has become difficult.

With the decreasing number of craftsmen, traditional Japanese crafts have been disappearing from modern households. Within these troublesome times, there is MARKUS, a shop in Kichijoji promoting the idea of life with crafts.

MARKUS opened in 2012 with a collection of handcrafted items using various materials and techniques from across Japan. All items in MARKUS have been carefully curated and favored by the manager, Mr. Kubota.

This time, we would like to introduce some handy and easy-to-use items sold at MARKUS.

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