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Soybean Farm In Kichijoji: Come Try Western Fusion Miso Cuisine!

Soybean Farm is a specialty store in Kichijoji, Tokyo that carries over thirty types of miso. They even have a miso-centric restaurant where you can savor unique and delicious miso flavored dishes.


Specialty Miso from All Over Japan


Miso is considered to be one of the more well-known Japanese foods internationally. The flavors can vary according to the ingredients used and many types of miso are made throughout the country.

Soybean Farm is a shop located a six minute walk from Kichijoji Station in Tokyo. It is a specialty shop that carries a wide variety of miso and you can taste dishes made using the different misos.

Since 1986, this shop has been buying and selling miso from all over Japan. They also sell by the weight, so you can purchase the amount you need. Of course, there is an eat-in area where you can savor their own delectable miso cuisine too.

Try Western Twists on Miso!

The majority of the dishes at Soybean Farm are western-style, but every item contains miso. This time, we would like to introduce some of the more popular dishes in their line-up.

1. Spicy Chicken Pot-au-feu Simmered in Tomatoes


Using the karashi koji miso (spicy malt miso) from Hiroshima, this is an addictive dish where you can savor the umami from the tomato and enjoy its perfect melding with the miso.

The karashi koji miso is a miso with chili peppers mixed in, giving the miso a tingly spiciness that adds a nice kick overall. This dish contains a large piece of tender chicken that has been cooked in the tomato and karashi koji miso. It is 1300 yen with tax.

2. Rolled Cabbage with Your Choice of Miso Soup


Out of the many misos in the shop, in this dish you can select one or two misos of your choice to make your own soup blend.

The miso used in the photo is from Nagano called the "Ueda Tokubetsu Ginjo Shiro Miso". It is a miso specifically made using only the core of the soybean, which gives it a rich soy flavor. Lemon can also be added according to your tastes as well. This dish is 800 yen with tax.

3. Spicy Miso Soup with Grilled Eggplant


Like the pot-au-feu, this dish also uses karashi koji miso. At a glance, this may look like a miso soup but it also contains bacon, butter, and black pepper. The western-style miso soup matches very nicely with the butter. This dish is 600 yen with tax.

4. Saikyo Miso Cheese Cake


Even the desserts here contain miso as well. The miso used in this cheesecake is Saikyo miso which is very popular in Kyoto. It has a very sweet taste that is perfect to use in desserts. Enjoy the aroma of the miso after taking a bite out of this decadent cheesecake. This dish is 499 yen with tax.

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