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Hotel 1899 Tokyo - Sip, Eat, And Lodge With Authentic Green Tea

Hotel 1899 Tokyo - Sip, Eat, And Lodge With Authentic Green Tea

Translated by Tom Brodie Williams

Written by Kunihisa

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Opened in December 2018, Hotel 1899 Tokyo overflows with Japanese green tea culture. Located in Shinbashi, next to Tokyo Station, within sight of Tokyo Tower, guests can eat matcha-infused cuisine on the 1st floor and try a variety of green teas on the 2nd floor and in their rooms.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo - Learn Japan's Green Tea Culture

Managed by the well-established brand Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo (Ryumeikan), Hotel 1899 Tokyo (referred to as 1899 from here on) opened in December 2018, just in front of Tokyo Tower.

The hotel’s theme is green tea. From the cuisine to the rooms, everywhere throughout the hotel is adorned with aspects of green tea culture.

1899 Matcha beer

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The date in the hotel's name refers to the year Ryumeikan was founded in, in 1899. RESTAURANT 1899 OCHANOMIZU, known for developing matcha beer in recent years, is also part of the same group.

With the intent to share Japanese green tea culture even more, Ryumeikan decided to open a matcha-centric hotel.

A Hotel Near Tokyo Tower And Haneda Airport

1899 Travel Shop

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The nearest station is Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line. Take Exit A4, and you'll be able to see the Tokyo Tower right behind you. The hotel is a six-minute walk straight from the exit. It’s also a ten-minute walk from Shinbashi, an area bustling with businesspeople. From Haneda Airport, you can arrive in roughly 20 minutes by taxi.

Enjoy the Aroma and Flavors of Tea in Food

1899 Tokyo Restaurant

DELI&BAR1899 Tokyo on the 1st floor holds a buffet every morning for hotel guests. The menu includes matcha toast and matcha soy milk soup, a matcha salad, and grilled chicken with matcha cheese. There is also a daily special infused with green tea.

Our recommendation is the Matcha Soy Milk Soup. This warm, rich soup has a delicious tea taste that deepens in flavor with every sip.

1899 Small Vegetables

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

Non-hotel guests can also dine at the restaurant, which has an assortment of seasonal side dishes and dinnertime appetizers at the delicatessen. Each dish is priced from 120 yen and up, and you can eat in or take out.

1899 Restaurant

A standout characteristic of the restaurant's design is the lighting made using tea boxes. This simple wood composition creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere.

Check-In at the Lobby Resembling a Tearoom

1899 Tearoom Check-In Counter

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The check-in counter on the 2nd floor has the ambience of a tearoom. When checking in, the staff serves tea using leaves from tin caddies designed by Kaikado, a well-known artisanal company in Kyoto, which allows you to fully appreciate this modern take on a Japanese-tearoom-turned-lobby.


Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

Additionally, tea bags and tea confectioneries are for sale on the 2nd floor. They also have star-shaped konpeito (*1) made from Niigata Prefecture’s high-quality rice and sugar. With a variety of colors and flavors, these sweets compliment tea and their flavor further deepens when tried with yogurt or sparkling water.

*1 Konpeito: A type of small, sugary, and textured candy that comes in a variety of colors.

Rooms to Experience Tea Culture

1899 Guestroom

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The hotel has a total of 63 non-smoking rooms that come in four types of accommodations. The green chosen for the color scheme is visually pleasing and non-invasive. The hotel uses Kyoto Nishikawa (Japanese) pillows: a bedding brand with a history of over 450 years, ensuring high-quality sleep.

1899 Matcha Whisk Light

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The lighting in the room uses a chasen (*2) for its motif. Each light includes a color adjusting switch to change its warmth, from white to yellow, to your liking.

*2 Chasen: the tool used to mix matcha when performing a tea ceremony.

1899 Room Type Double Bed

Picture courtesy of Hotel 1899 Tokyo

Their standout room is their Superior Double B coined "Engawa" for the very reason that it features a design similar to that of a Japanese Engawa. You can gaze over the city from the edge of your bed.

1899 Tea

Each room is equipped with four varieties of its original blend tea (sencha, gyokuro, black tea, and bancha), so you can stay in, relax and enjoy a cup or two.

1899 Room Pajamas

The cotton pajamas with their simple tea leaf design are breathable and fit well.


The room comes with a free rental smartphone called "handy" that enables you to use WiFi as well as make domestic and international calls. It has several language options and you are able to download applications on to it as well.

Infuse Your Stay in Tokyo with Tea

Hotel 1899 blends Japanese tea culture with a modern design where you can not only drink, but also feast on dishes incorporating delicious Japanese tea. Overflowing with originality, this is a hotel with a distinct presence that will delight any tea lover.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo

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