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Rugby World Cup 2019 Kansai Guide - Stadiums, Things To Do, And Food


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The Rugby World Cup 2019 is held September 20 to November 2 in Japan. Read to learn about accessing the stadiums in the greater Kansai region: Osaka, Kobe, and Aichi. This guide covers access information, nearby sightseeing, and restaurants.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Venues in Osaka, Kobe, and Aichi

Held from September 20 to November 2, the Rugby World Cup 2019 is an international sporting event hosted in various parts of Japan. One area is in the western Kansai region, with stadiums in the Osaka and Kobe areas, and Aichi Prefecture.

Read to find out more about these venues, access, sightseeing and activities, and where to eat. Enjoy the games and all the greater Kansai region has to offer while you visit for the big game.

Kansai Venues

1. Toyota Stadium, Aichi
2. Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka
3. Kobe Misaki Stadium, Hyogo

1. Toyota Stadium, Aichi

Toyota Stadium

Picture courtesy of PIXTA

Toyota Stadium (or City of Toyota Stadium) is a major venue located in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, just east of Nagoya. This huge stadium, used for rugby, soccer, and other sporting events has around 45,000 seats designed for spectators' comfort and ideal viewing of the field. Surrounding the stadium is a landscaped park with restaurants and leisure space.

Access from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka

To get to the Toyota Stadium from Tokyo, ride the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen to Nagoya for around 1 hour and 39 minutes. At JR Nagoya Station, exit and transfer to the Meitetsu Nagoya Station. Ride the Meitetsu Nagoya Line for 20 minutes to Chiryu Station. Transfer to the Mikawa Line and get off at Toyotashi Station after 25 minutes. The station is a 15-minute walk from the station.

If you are coming from Nagoya, use the route above, starting from Nagoya Station.

Visitors coming from Osaka can get to the stadium using Shinkansen and train. Ride the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen for about 50 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station to Nagoya Station. After arriving at Nagoya Station, follow the same instructions above for visitors coming from Tokyo to reach the stadium.

Address: Aichi, Toyota, Sengoku 7-2 Google Map
Official Website:

Famous Places to Visit in Aichi

Nagoya Castle

Picture from Nagoya Guide - The Best Things To Do, Food To Try, And Trip Itinerary
Aichi Prefecture is home to a number of sightseeing destinations that will please all visitors. Nagoya, Japan's third largest city, is within convenient access, and the city of Toyota has some activities and museums accessible from the stadium.

Ride the Meitetsu train about an hour to get to Nagoya, a city with a stunning castle, great shopping, and unique Japanese food culture. There is also a Legoland that can provide great fun to families and groups.

Car enthusiasts can tour the Toyota Kaikan Museum, a Toyota showroom with colorful and fun exhibits on cars and technology. A reservation made via the official website is required for tours.

Another interesting option is going to Masuzuka Miso of Noda Miso Co., a miso shop and warehouse, for miso-making demonstrations. An advanced reservation is required.

Dining in Aichi

1. Verde Rosso

Located just steps away from the stadium is Verde Rosso, an elegant restaurant serving lunch. Choose from rice, pasta, and curry rice dishes here while enjoying the refined environment. There is a children's menu, making this a family-friendly spot.

Verde Rosso
Address: Aichi, Toyota, Sengoku 7-2 Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

2. CoCo ICHIBANYA Nishimachi

CoCo ICHIBANYA is a national chain of Japanese curry restaurants that originated in Aichi Prefecture. With a large menu and multi-language support, this is a comfortable and delicious choice for lunch or dinner. This restaurant location is less than a 5-minute walk from Toyota Station.

CoCo ICHIBANYA Nishimachi
Address: Aichi, Toyota, Nishimachi 6-3-2 Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

3. Kirari

For dinner and drinks, try Kirari, a modern Japnese restaurant serving a variety of delicious tempura and sashimi. Located close to Toyota Station, it is an ideal place to stop before heading back to your accommodation or next destination.

Address: Aichi, Toyota, Nishimachi 6-56 Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

2. Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Osaka

RWC Venues 3 - Kansai

Picture courtesy of pixta
Located in Higashi Osaka City, Hanazono Rugby Stadium is a major venue that boasts great access from Osaka and Kyoto. The venue has been used since 1929 for rugby matches, and was remodeled in 2018 for the World Rugby Cup 2019, making it a stadium with a long history and connection to sports that spectators will feel from the moment they step into the stadium.

Access from Osaka and Tokyo

Guests coming from Osaka can reach the station in about 47 minutes. From JR Osaka Station, take the Osaka Loop Line bound for Tennoji. Transfer at JR Tsurubashi Station to the Kintetsu Nara Line, heading towards Higashi Hanazono. Get off at Higashi Hanazono Station and walk around 10 to 15 minutes to the stadium.

For visitors coming from Tokyo, ride the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka Station. Transfer to the Osaka Higashi Line bound for Nara. Ride until Kawauchi Eiwa Station and transfer to the Kintetsu Nara Line. Get off at Higashi Hanazono Station.

Address: Higashi Osaka, Matsubara Minami 1-1-1 Google Map
Official Website: (Japanese)

Famous Places to Visit in Osaka

Osaka Tsutenkaku

This venue is in an ideal location, between the Osaka metropolis and Nara, an ancient capital of Japan with many World Heritage Site-designated temples and shrines. Spectators can enjoy day trips to both locations.

In Osaka, visiting Osaka Castle, shopping at Shinsaibashi, and dining at Dotonbori, are popular activities. A day of play at Universal Studios Japan is also a great option. In Nara, travelers can marvel at a giant Buddha statue at Todaiji Temple, meet deer at Nara Park, and enjoy the historical atmosphere. There is so much to do, so definitely spend a few days exploring the area if you can.

Dining in Osaka

1. Harumi

If you are craving local Osaka food, come to Harumi for a meal. With options like okonomiyaki (a savory pancake with fillings and toppings you can choose) and takoyaki (cooked dough balls filled with octopus), eat here for a unique Osaka experience. Located just outside the park, it is a convenient option, too, for lunch or an early dinner.

Address: Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Yoshida 3-14-50 Google Map

2. Tenri Stamina Ramen

Located close to Higashi Hanazono Station, Tenri Stamina Ramen is a restaurant chain located in the Kansai area, originating from nearby Nara Prefecture. The menu has a variety of ramen and gyoza to satisfy all types of customers. This restaurant is ideal for small groups for lunch or dinner.

Tenri Stamina Ramen
Address: Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Yoshida 6-5-22 Tagami Grand Mansion Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

3. Kagonoya

Kagonoya is an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant located throughout Japan. Diners can choose from a wide selection of meats, vegetables, and side dishes. There is a location near the north entrance of the rugby stadium with spacious tables that is open for lunch and dinner.

Address: Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Yoshida Honmachi 1-2-41 Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

3. Kobe Misaki Stadium, Hyogo

RWC Venues 3 - Kansai

Picture courtesy of PIXTA

Kobe Misaki Stadium, Hyogo (or Noevir Stadium Kobe) is a spacious sports stadium used mostly for rugby and soccer, located near central Kobe City. The seating is designed to give the audience a great view of the field, no matter where they sit. This is a convenient and state-of-the-art facility where spectators will have a high-quality experience.

Access from Osaka and Tokyo

From Osaka, it takes less than an hour to get to Kobe Misaki Stadium. Ride the JR train on the Tokaido Sanyo Main Line from Osaka Station to Kobe Station. Then, take the Kobe Subway Kaigan Line from Harborland Station to Misaki koen Station for 6 minutes. The stadium is a 5-minute walk from the station.

From Tokyo, ride the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen to Shin-Kobe Station. It takes around 2 hours and 41 minutes. At Shin-Kobe Station, transfer to the Kobe Subway Seishin-yamanote Line. Ride for 13 minutes to Shinnagata Station. Transfer to the Kaigan Line and get off at Misaki koen Station. Walk 5 minutes to reach the stadium.

Address: Hyogo, Kobe, Hyogo, Misaki 1-2-2 Google Map
Official Website: (Japanese)

Famous Places to Visit in Hyogo


Kobe Misaki Stadium is about 15 minutes away from the heart of Kobe. Visitors have the option of visiting this large city and to travel to other popular destinations like including Himeji, famous for Himeji Castle, and Takarazuka, known for its arts and refined atmosphere.

Located on the coast, Kobe is a large port city with a stunning coast, shopping, and delicious cuisine. From the strolling through the charming harbor and enjoying Kobe beef to riding a ropeway up sea-facing mountains like Mt. Rokko, there is much to do here. Take the train further west to reach Himeji, which has a traditional and relaxing castle-town atmosphere.

Between Osaka and Kobe is Takarazuka, a large city known for the all-female performance theater, Takarazuka Revue, and the Osamu Tezuka Museum.

Dining in Hyogo

1. Sushi Hide

Sushi Hide is a sushi restaurant located between Misaki koen Station and the stadium. The menu has a large variety of fresh sushi of all types, making this ideal for seafood lovers. It is open for both lunch and dinner and is a convenient choice.

Sushi Hide
Address: Hyogo, Kobe, Hyogo, Misaki 2-2-7 Google Map

2. Shinano

Head to Shinano for Japanese food of all types, including soba and udon noodles, tempura, and rice bowls. This restaurant has something everyone can enjoy, making it a great option for groups. It is a short walk from Noevir Stadium Kobe.

Address: Hyogo, Kobe, Komatsudori 3-4-10 Google Map
Website: (Japanese)

3. Kobe Tanryu

Trying famous Kobe beef for dinner after watching a rugby match is a great way to celebrate your team's success. Kobe Tanryu is known for its high-quality, delicious cuts, and menus are available in English and Chinese. This is a restaurant suitable for special occasions due to the prices.

Kobe Tanryu
Address: Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo, Kitanagasa 1-10-9 Ikuta Shinmichi Building 1F Google Map

Enjoy the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Western Japan

Japan's western region of Kansai is hosting some of the most major matches in the Rugby World Cup 2019. In addition to its prominence in this international tournament, the surrounding areas and cities offer much to visitors. After enjoying the games, be sure to explore these great areas for an unforgettable trip.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Website:

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