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Hit The Town In Style - 5 Great, Unusual Bars In The Tokyo Area

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You've been to the standard spots, but how about having a drink or two at someplace different tonight? Here are five fun and unique bars that are sure to please, all in the greater Tokyo area.

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Heading out on the town for the night doesn't have to mean spending time in just any old bar or izakaya. There are hundreds of fun, unique places to choose from all across Japan, and especially in major cities like Tokyo.

If you want to have a great tasting drink and experience a different sort of atmosphere, here are some fun places found in five of Tokyo's most popular areas.

Shibuya - A Bar with Movie-Inspired Drinks

Hit The Town - 5 Great Bars In The Tokyo Area

From: Your Favorite Movie Is A Cocktail At Hachigatsu No Kujira In Shibuya

Shibuya is the trend capital of Japan and where you will find any number of popular chain bars and izakayas, but Hachigatsu No Kujira offers something a little different. Here, every drink was inspired by a movie. In this photo, you can see their Titanic-inspired cocktail. This brandy-based cocktail tastes as good as it looks.

If you're looking for more places to check out in Shibuya, including a few famous spots, take a look at Shibuya's Top 5 Izakaya With English Menus.

Kichijoji - A Bar Inspired by Japanese Horror

Hit The Town - 5 Great Bars In The Tokyo Area

From: Must See For Horror Fans! Yūrei, the Pub Closest to Hell

Kichijoji is consistently ranked number one in places to live in Tokyo because of its convenient location, and great amenities. If you want to hit the town someplace different, then head to Kichijoji and see Yurei, a Japanese horror themed pub. The interior is full of spooky decor, and the menu has plenty of delicious and creative creepy dishes to choose from, plus a variety of drinks too. They even have a special recommended monthly cocktail as well, which comes in a very cool glass like in the photo above.

If you're not a horror fan, or you'd rather head somewhere more traditional for dinner and drinks, then you might want to check out Harmonica Alley, A Kichijoji Landmark: Have Fun Getting Lost! instead.

Shinjuku - A Classic Whyskey Bar

Hit The Town In Style - 5 Great Unusual Bars In The Tokyo Area

From: Discover Japanese Whiskey In Shinjuku's Golden Gai: Comorebi – Saudade

Shinjuku is home to the busiest train station in the world, and many shopping and entertainment areas too, including Kabukicho, the finest entertainment area in Asia. In nearby Golden Gai, where many longstanding old bars and pubs line the street, you will find Comorebi –Saudade-, a bossa nova whiskey bar that serves Japanese whiskey, including some rare varieties that even collectors might not have heard of before, like the Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt seen above.

Since you're already in Shinjuku's Golden Gai, if you feel like checking out some other bars, three more great places to stop for a drink or some pub fare can be found in Shinjuku Golden Gai's Top 3 Stores.

Roppongi - The Heart of Tokyo's Nightlife

Hit The Town In Style - 5 Great, Unusual Bars In The Tokyo Area

From: Enjoy Tokyo's Nightlife At Roppongi Hills!

Roppongi is an internationally known area, as it is home to many different embassies and the headquarters of several multi-national companies, not to mention numerous different clubs and bars. For many, Roppongi is the image of nightlife in Tokyo, and it was too hard to choose a single bar or club, so instead, we recommend checking out: Experience Japan's Nightlife In Three Of Roppongi's Best Clubs.

You can find practically anything in Roppongi, so it is the perfect place to go if you want to try out several different places as well.

Asakusa - The Home of Traditional Downtown Bars

Hit The Town In Style - 5 Great Unusual Bars In The Tokyo Area

From: Kurand Sake Market: Unlimited Tasting of 100 Japanese Sakes in Asakusa

Asakusa, Tokyo's old downtown area, is full of famous historic sites and traditional atmosphere. When in a place like this, you just have to stick with tradition and try some Japanese sake. At Kurand Sake Market, you pay a straight fee, and then help yourself to over 100 different types of sake at their all-you-can-drink sake bar. They have varieties from all across the country on hand, which means you're sure to find the right sake to suit your tastes here.

For more drinking spots in Asakusa, see Asakusa's Hoppy Street: Nostalgic But Cheap Bars, where you can enjoy a popular, Japanese-only drink called hoppy.

Use this list as your guide to finding some of Tokyo's best watering holes. You're sure to have a great time visiting them with friends, or even on your own!

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