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Disney Pirates Summer! A Tokyo DisneySea Event For The Swashbuckler In You

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The “Pirates of the Caribbean” series has mesmerized the world since it was released in 2003. This summer at Tokyo DisneySea, guests are invited into a world of sea bandits at Disney Pirates Summer until Sunday, September 1, 2019. Learn about what you can expect at this exciting special event.

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Enjoy the World of Pirates at This Summer DisneySea Event

Disney Pirates Summer

Disney Pirates Summer, an event inspired by the world of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, has commenced at Tokyo DisneySea! This limited-time event runs from July 9 (Tuesday) to September 1, 2019 (Sunday).

Yo ho, yo ho!

When you visit Tokyo DisneySea, you’ll hear voices of pirates all around the park. This article introduce what to expect at this event so you can enjoy the world of pirates to your heart’s content!

Don’t Be Afraid! Challenge Yourself at the Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!”


The Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!” is a special interactive performance held three times daily. It is approximately 25 minutes in length.

When you see pirates prowling one after another around the park’s Porto Paradiso Side area, the show has begun.


On board the legendary ship docked at the Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea’s entrance, is the character Captain Barbossa. Pirate training is conducted as guests get sprayed with water.

Disney Pirates Summer

Just as the pirates move in unison with the rhythmical music and water sprays, Barbossa’s archenemy Captain Jack Sparrow makes his appearance! The scene changes suddenly from a party to a fierce battle surrounding the legendary ship. Tons of water will be sprayed on the guests each time the two are in battle.

Be sure to prepare rain gear or extra clothing for after the event; once the show ends, you will be completely soaked. Why?

Disney Pirates Summer

Pirates wander around by the audience, spraying water at them during the performance! Be prepared to get wet and feel like you've boarded a pirate ship being tossed about by the sea!

Adorn Yourself in and Become a Pirate!

pirates goods

Of course, there is plenty of limited-time event merchandise. If you wear the Pirates Ear Hat (2,000 yen with tax), a T-shirt (2,600 yen with tax) featuring Disney characters, and a wristband (900 yen plus tax) around your arm, you’ll certainly be able to immerse yourself into your pirate role!

pirates goods

Plush Stuffed Animal Keychains: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck are 1,700 yen with tax each; Chip and Dale are a set for 2,800 yen with tax.

Plush stuffed animal keychains, a staple merchandise, have also been released in limited-edition event costumes. It would be cute to add them onto your bag or even on your T-shirt. Other merchandise that would make great souvenirs, like a stainless barrel-shaped mug (pictured bottom right for 2,200 yen with tax), are also for sale.

A Taste of Summer with Charming Food and Beverages

pirates special set

There are many limited-time dishes and merchandise available at restaurants and shops inside the park. At Cafe Portofino, visitors can enjoy spaghetti with tomato sauce topped with fish fritters. The olives in the tomato sauce enhances the flavor of the dish.

The set comes with a potato and roast beef salad, a fruit-filled dessert, and a soft drink for 1,880 yen with tax.

pirates disneysea food

How about a sparkling cocktail (680 yen with tax) with large mango chunks on a hot day? It has a moderately sweet, refreshing flavor.

pirates food

Coffee Roll Cake with Souvenir Plate: 800 yen with tax; Mango Jelly and Orange Mousse with Souvenir Cup: 800 yen with tax

The sweets come with a limited-time souvenir item. The Coffee Roll Cake pictured to the left has a pleasantly bitter flavor from the coffee and isn’t overly sweet. The Mango Jelly and Orange Mousse is topped with cream and allows you to savor three stages of sweetness in one bite.

Bring Out Your Inner Pirate at DisneySea in Summer 2019!

pirates disney

“What if I could enter the world of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?”

This is an event that will manifest that thought into real life. This summer, come and experience the exciting world of sea bandits during “Disney Pirates Summer” at Tokyo DisneySea!

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