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Tabi-shiro Guest House in Nagano – A Place You’ll Want To Come Home To

Tabi-shiro Guest House in Nagano – A Place You’ll Want To Come Home To

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Miho Moriya

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Tabi-shiro is a guest house located near Matsumoto Castle. It is a lodging where staff will warmly greet you with “welcome home.” In a sightseeing area filled with nature like Kamikochi, Mount Yari, and Azumino, why not try staying here?

A Vacant Inn Renovated Into a Guest House


Tabi-shiro is a guest house that was remodeled from an inn that had not been occupied for years. It is located a six minute walk from Matsumoto Castle and an eleven minute walk from JR Matsumoto Station.

Mr. Osawa, the owner, said, “I believe that travel has numerous hidden possibilities.” Originally employed at a travel company, he opened his guest house with the desire to broaden the possibilities of traveling.

Those desires have also been placed into its name. Parodying the Japanese word “nobishiro”, which means that all things have room to grow and develop, the guest house was given the name tabi-shiro.

Mr. Osawa also commented, “I want to teach travelers more about the charms of Matsumoto, the city I was raised in.” He will give you plenty of helpful advice when asked about traveling.

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