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Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE: A Warm Guest House A Stop Away From Asakusa

Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE: A Warm Guest House A Stop Away From Asakusa

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Moeko Ide

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Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE is a guest house made after renovating an old toy warehouse in Asakusa. With a cafe and bar on the first floor, both guests and locals can enjoy the hostel's wonderful hospitality.

River View Double Room Overlooking the Sumida River


Out of all the double rooms, the one with the best view is the room with the river view. It starts at 8800 yen per room, per night while the double rooms without the river view start at 8000 yen.


The large windows facing the Sumida River bring in the sunlight along with a lovely view of the yakatabune houseboats sailing by.

Depending on the season, you may be able to see the fireworks festival on Sumida river or the fireworks from Tokyo Disney resort.

A Unified Facility Using Wood

Shared Library and Work Desk on the Top Floor


This area is a shared space where fellow customers of the guest house can interact.


In the back, there is a library space where you can quietly do some work. There is a computer you can use, along with books you can borrow. There are also plenty of power outlets so you can bring your own laptop in as well.


The kitchen area is spacious too. There are plenty of tableware, utensils, and seasonings you can also use.

A Clean Interior


There is plenty of sink space in the bathroom, and each facility is constantly cleaned.

Wi-Fi is available from the first floor all the way to the top and is equipped with the most recent units for better functionality.

Cafe & Bar Open from Morning to Night


The first floor is used as a cafe from 8:00-18:00 and from 18:00-25:00, it turns into a bar. Not only can people staying at the guest house use it, but walk-ins are also welcome.

The large twisted piece of wood used as the bar counter was brought all the way from Niseko in Hokkaido. As you take a seat, the relaxing atmosphere makes you want to take your time and enjoy.

Plenty of Optional Services

For an additional fare, you are welcome to rent a bicycle, use the washing machine, and drier too!


The bicycles for rent that are parked outside the guest house, and thanks to their unique appearance, really stand out. These are Tokyobike, bikes which have been especially made to ride in Tokyo with its numerous stoplights and hills.

The bikes here are painted in Nui.'s original colors, so you'll be able to enjoy them here!

Not only does it have a thin frame suited to riding around Tokyo, it has great features that make riding for everyone comfortable. You can rent the bikes at tokyobike's official website per day, but you can rent it here for three hours starting at a reasonable price of just 400 yen with tax. A must-try for bike lovers!

For other optional services, please check Nui.'s official website.

A Warm and Welcoming Guest House, Nui.


The name Nui. derives from the Japanese word tenui (hand sew). The staff here believes in treasuring the creator's feelings and using hands instead of relying on the accuracy of a machine.

Construction workers and craftspeople gathered from all over Japan helped to renovate the building and furniture. This guest house will let you feel the warmth and the hospitality through the smiles of the staff that work there. Why not stay here when touring around Tokyo?

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

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In Cooperation with Nui. HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE

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