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Ready For Japan! Vol. 10 - Fantastic Photos For Your Teleworking Background

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For those working at home using video calls and online meeting programs, MATCHA has compiled photographs of famous sightseeing spots in Japan, which will make users feel as if they are enjoying a trip themselves. Download these images to brighten up your day and experience Japan virtually.

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An Online Meeting with Inspiring Japanese Views

Is anyone tired of cleaning up their rooms every time there is an online meeting? A change of background will alleviate this problem and perhaps make a positive difference to your mood, too.

This article introduces photographs of sightseeing spots in Japan covered by MATCHA, available to download free of charge. It will make you feel as if they are taking a trip while attending an online meeting, and hopefully brighten up your day.

Eight Fantastic Photographs from MATCHA

1. Mt. Fuji: The Symbol of Japan

富士山・桜・五重塔が揃った“The Japan”な絶景スポット「忠霊塔」の楽しみ方

Picture from Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossoms, And A Pagoda - Discover This Iconic Image In Japan!

Mt. Fuji, which extends over Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, is an icon of Japan. This photograph shows the five-storied, vermillion pagoda, a monument for the casualties of war, with Mt. Fuji in the background. It is a truly classic scene.

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2. Dotonbori in Osaka


Picture from Shinsaibashi Shopping Guide – Fashion, Cosmetics, And Local Dishes In Osaka!

Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi are two of the most popular spots in Osaka. Ebisu Bridge, which spans Dotonbori, is also famous for the huge Glico signboard in the background. Going shopping may not be possible right now, but an online meeting with Osaka as the backdrop will definitely add some fun to your day.

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3. Residential Neighborhoods in Tokyo


Picture from 9 Famous Tokyo Hills Related To Idol Groups, Anime, And History

In contrast to the capital's bustling districts, such as Shinjuku or Shibuya, there are also quiet residential areas in Tokyo. Yukigaya Otsuka, located in Ota City in Tokyo, is a town that offers a view of the skyscrapers from an area surrounded by houses.

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4. Cherry Blossoms and Snow: Rare Japanese Scenery

ซากุระท่ามกลางหิมะในชิบะ 2020

Picture from Cherry Blossoms and Snow In Chiba, 2020  (Thai)

The photograph, taken in Chiba Prefecture in March 2020, shows a rare view of cherry blossoms in snow. Paste it on your online program, and dive into the magical scenery of sakura and snowflakes.

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5. Mt. Nokogiri: Never a Dull Moment


Picture from Ready For Japan! Vol. 1 - 10 Unforgettable Views In Japan

"Jigoku Nozoki" (a view of hell), located on Mt. Nokogiri in Chiba Prefecture, is a spot that offers a great view along with a boatload of thrills. Striking a pose with the photograph as the backdrop should be fun, even if you're not there in-person.

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6. Chichibugahama: A Beautiful Beach in Kagawa

ตะลอนทั่วญี่ปุ่นระหว่างทำงาน Work from home ! แจกภาพพื้นหลังสำหรับประชุมออนไลน์เวลาทำงานที่บ้าน

There are many beaches in Japan which offer a grand ocean view. The photograph above shows one such beach famous country-wide for its stunning sunsets: Chichibugahama in Kagawa Prefecture. On a clear day, the surface of the water acts as a mirror, creating a fantastic scene.

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7. The Quiet Forest of Mitake

The Rock Garden On Mt. Mitake - Listen To A Mountain Stream In Tokyo

Picture from The Rock Garden On Mt. Mitake - Listen To A Mountain Stream In Tokyo

The Japanese forests, beautiful and verdant, are among the best in the world. Mt. Mitake, located in Tokyo, is easy to access from the city center. Its image will be sure to calm you and your coworkers during an online meeting.

Click to Download the Image.

8. Kamikochi: The Grand Nature of Nagano

คามิโคจิ การเดินทาง Kamikochi

Picture from Kamikochi Guide – Scenic Spots, Hiking Routes, Lodgings, And Travel Tips

Kamikochi, located in Nagano Prefecture, is a popular summer resort area where visitors can relish the sweet air and great outdoors. You can almost hear the sound of the stream just by looking at the photograph.

Click to Download the Image.

Give Your Online Meeting a Japanese Atmosphere

A trip to Japan is difficult given the current situation, so we encourage you to download the images you like and use them as a background in online meetings, or as a wallpaper on your computer. We at MATCHA hope these pictures will be a reminder to visit Japan in the near future.

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